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How to Care Flash Drive so not Easily Damaged


Now who doesn’t know the small stuff is very rewarding. In the days before the advent of Flash Drive there is a data storage device called Diskette. Diskettes box-shaped thin but thicker than a CD. Maybe when this Diskette is no longer there and replaced with Flash Drive.

Flash Drive currently many kinds and types. As the development of technology, the presence of Flash Drive also undergo changes. The changes encountered in the development of large shapes and Flash Drive is data that can be accommodated.

Large capacity of Flash Drive is assortment, maybe you’ve come across that are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB to 128GB. The form of the Flash Drive even assortment there are boxes and there are currently in the form of unique and interesting.

How to Care Flash Drive so not Easily Damaged

Flash Drive is an electronic tool that easily damaged or fall. Surely you don’t want to lose all the data that has been entered into your favorite Flash Drive. There are several ways from so your Flash Drive are not easily damaged and durable.

  • Give the hanger or anything that can be hung and became the harbinger of your Flash Drive. Because of its small size led to it easily fall or lost.
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures, for example hot and excessive cold.
  • Keep away from high magnetic fields such as loudspeakers or television so that data storage is not interrupted.
  • Close Flash Drive after using it, this prevents the entry of dirt and rust to Flash Drive.
  • Always backup your data from the Flash Drive into your computer so that if there is something you do not worry anymore.
  • Avoid the crunch on Flash Drive so the components within it are not damaged.
  • After using it in a public place like an Internet Cafe, we recommend you scan again Flash Drive, because usually there are viruses that get carried away and can interfere with your data.
  • Always eject Flash Drive before unplug it from your laptop or your computer so that does happen to crash data.
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