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How to Know the Application Error in Windows XP


Application error can causes hang on computer. If in a computer much software installed, possibility We will not know the program is cause error. To know program cause error you can use Even Viewer. Even viewer contain log file activity computer. There are five sections in the even viewer, that is Application, Microsoft Office Diagnostic, Microsoft Office Sessions, Security, System.

To view the application error by right clicking mouse on My Computer icon then click Manage and then click Even viewer. Double click application or system to view detail of error.

There are five sign in Even Viewer, that is Error, Warning, Information, Success audit, Failure Audit. Meaning of the sign that is :

  • Error, A significant problem, such as loss of data or loss of functionality. For example, if a service fails to load during startup, an Error will be logged.
  • Warning, An event that is not necessarily significant, but may indicate a possible future problem. For example, when disk space is low, a Warning will be logged.
  • Information, An event that describes the successful operation of an application, driver, or service. For example, when a network driver loads successfully, an Information event will be logged.
  • Success Audit, An audited security access attempt that succeeds. For example, a user’s successful attempt to log on the system will be logged as a Success Audit event.
  • Failure Audit, An audited security access attempt that fails. For example, if a user tries to access a network drive and fails,
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