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How to Market Yourself Better with an Online Presence


As the job market becomes ever more global, so has the competition. Hundreds of applicants sending their CVs for one single position have become the norm. To not be left behind, professionals must keep an eye out on job market trends. Even when in a safe contract you never know whether you will be looking for new challenges and, maybe a new job in the future.

More and more recruiters use the web as a place to search for talent and conduct employment background searches. Online information becomes more and more important. We are moving into an age where personal websites and social resumes will become expected. Now is a great time to create an online presence as you will still be ahead of the curve when everyone else is rushing to catch up with this trend. If you want to add a cherry on top, so to speak, you can opt for services that also include email addresses that match your domain name, like the one found here. This will give your online presence a very coherent style, making you appear more focused.

social media concept

social media concept

However, make sure you don’t shoot yourself into the foot by setting up something more embarrassing than informative. Make sure to search for yourself on Google. You might find an old Myspace presence that you set up when you were sixteen that may have some dubious content on it. In any case, make sure that your future employers will only find out things you want them to see.

An online presence is useful, but you also shouldn’t underestimate it’s importance of personal contacts. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” still rings very true in the digital age. Face-to-face encounters usually beat online connections via LinkedIn, but social networks are and will remain an important networking tool. It sounds terribly opportunistic, but when on the lookout for a job, you need to treat your life as one giant networking event and meet as many people in your field as you can.

But, there is also good news. The employment market is changing, opening up for more flexible job descriptions, and therefore more opportunities. In fact, with more marketing web apps, the idea of co-working spaces or the six-hour working day currently on a test run in many Swedish companies, are all challenging the ways we view our careers.

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