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How to Repair boot.ini file in Windows XP


If windows XP showing the message hal.dll not found, missing or corrupt. Possibility it caused by the boot.ini file in you Windows is missing or corrupt. Possibility it’s caused by misconfiguration on boot.ini file on your Windows XP.

If this error caused by boot.ini file you can repair the error using your windows installer. If you having the exact windows XP CD installer with you windows XP installed on your computer, you can repair boot.ini on your PC.

Repairing boot.ini file will take a several minutes depending to your hardware specs but it save a few minutes than reinstalling your Windows XP.

Here how to repair the boot.ini file Windows XP:

  • Boot your computer using Windows XP CD.
  • Select Repair by pressing R button in the keyboard.
  • Next select drive where your Windows Xp installed.
  • Type “bootcfg /list” to view the content boot.ini file
  • Type “bootcfg /rebuild” to repair boot.ini file and follow all instructions till finish.
  • After all processes have finish, take Windows XP CD and then type EXIT to reboot your computer.

If you not see a error message, your boot.ini file have repaired.

Posted by Fz 2 Responses

2 Responses to “How to Repair boot.ini file in Windows XP”

  1. Kimo says:

    I wonder if i could solve this problem if my PC is allready started on XP

  2. Jeff Arbor says:


    Sounds like what I was thinking when I was trying to get a disk formatted on an older XP machine.

    Thanks for posting.


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