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How to Send Emails Via Gmail Securely


Writing and sending email has been part of many lives. It has made communication for business , personal and other purposes easy, fast, and almost reliable.  It is one of the commonest way of sending information and the cheapest. But how safe is your email? Do you know that it can get intercepted by anyone? What if you are sending vital information to someone? Can you be assured that these mails will not be read?

Usually, accessing Gmail in your home is more secure than in other area such as offices, schools, internet cafés, and wifi areas. These areas share their network and some users can hack any person they can victimize. You can prevent this by setting your browser using a Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security. This is the connection you use when you are buying on online store or making online transactions in the banks.
How to Send Emails Via Gmail Securely
To prevent your emails from being intercepted, make sure you connect through a secure connection. You will know if your browser is capable when you see in your browser that your website address starts on https instead of http. This means that you are on a safe web site. You will also see on your status bar a padlock icon, which is a small and yellow colored icon just below the browser window.

In case you want a secure Gmail, you can do this also by simply accessing a secure connection done by simply logging on, instead of going to  That is the best and safest way. To make this automatically, go to the homepage of your Gmail account and find General tab on the Setting page. Press “always use https” option and this will make your Gmail entering secure connection. Save the setting and you can send your secure Gmail. Make sure that you are on the https site because during the transfer of data or your emails, it can go to http site. This will make your Gmail unsecure.

Another way to send secure Gmail is to encrypt your messages. How do you do this? You and your contact must have encryption software that you can download such as Open PGP. You can also try the online-based email encryption services such as JumblemMe and Sendinc . You can only use these encryption services if you install in your computer a security certificate. Your contact or contacts must have your set of characters which is your public key before the encrypted message can be sent. Your recipient must also have a security certificate installed on their computer and give them in advance their public key.

You can use add-on extension from third party developers but Google does not assure the public that the email you sent is safe and secure and they will not accept any responsibility in this case. Here are some of the add-ons for Gmail:  SafeGmail for Chrome; Encipher for Firefox; Enlocked Anywhere for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and many more.

Sending secure emails is not really hard to do just by following the simple ways discussed here to avoid interceptions of your most important and confidential emails.

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