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How to Speed up Large File Copy with TeraCopy Software


Copying a large data more than 1 GB and it takes quite a long time. Of course this requires a patience in waiting for the process to wait until the file copy is complete.

However, this time there are the latest tips and tricks from about speed up file copy and certainly is shorter in the process of waiting for copy files such as copying large files such as game master, master program or video whether it is formatted Avi, Mkv, Wmv, and other large files.

To speed up the process of copying data/files are needed for a piece of software that called TeraCopy to speed up the copy of the file. This Software is an application that is informative as it gives some related facilities process of copying your data. So, you don’t have to wait any longer in the process of copying data.

How to Speed up Large File Copy with TeraCopy Software

To use the TeraCopy software to speed up the process of copying follow the steps below:

  1. Download TeraCopy application on your computer, download it here.
  2. Install TeraCopy application on your computer.
  3. Automatically when you perform the activity of large size file copy this application will be active.

Some of the main features in the TeraCopy:

  1. Shell Integration – After the Install process, TeraCopy automatically replace the Copy of windows. In addition, this process can also be deactivated.
  2. Copy files fasterTeraCopy uses different techniques with how to copying files on Windows.
  3. Pause and Resume copy process – One of the interesting features because we can pause the process of copying files and resumed some time later.
  4. Error recovery – If there is an error in the file copy process, TeraCopy will read the file several times. And over/skip and continued the process of copying files.
  5. Displays a list of files is more informative, and can save the information to a text file.
  6. Supports Unicode

With this problem in the length of time waiting for files to copying to the large size already resolved by using solutions speed up copy files with Teracopy software.

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  1. Sophia Jason says:

    I have used terracopy and it has helped me in the past but the transfer speed kept on decreasing. I dont think they provide multi threaded file transfer, I am currently using GS Richcopy 360 which provides 100% multi threaded file transfer and even lets you automate your file transfer. Give it a try, hope it helps!


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