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How to Strengthen the Signal Modem GSM, CDMA, GPRS, HSDPA, 3G, EDGE


If you are a fan of surfing in cyberspace, the internet connection is certainly something that is very important. To get an internet connection there are many ways in which it can be reached, via WIFI or via a modem connection. The location You do browsing is the deciding factor catching the signal your modem, either GPRS or 3G signal. If your location is far from the BTS or the Tower the signal catcher then automatically your connections will be slightly or dashed.

The arrests signal may be known from the moment you open the menu of an existing connection on the modem. Click the icon of your modem connection on the lower left corner, it can be known how much of the signal that can be captured. Usually an internet connection will disconnect or slow once at the time of the signals in 1 or 1.5 bar. To resolve such matters then you need a way to amplify the signals the modem that you can get.

How to Strengthen the signal Modem GSM, CDMA, GPRS, HSDPA, 3G, EDGE

Here would be share a tips, several ways to strengthen the signal GSM or CDMA of your modem, namely:

Using the USB Extender

USB Extender is a USB connector but have a long cable. Way with USB Extender is the safest way to strengthen the signal GSM or CDMA modem. This way may be a bit simpler than having to make a wok bolic or buy an external antenna.

  1. Look for the place where the minimal obstruction or place that gets great signal, usually found in the open, on the roof or near a window.
  2. Measure how long between the center signals with Your usual place to connect. If it takes only 1 or 2 meter long, you can buy a USB extend, but if more of it then you should also buy a UTP cable to connect.
  3. Buy USB Extender is widely available in computer stores. If you buy a USB Extender don’t forget you said to the seller that will be used for the modem, because on a regular USB Extender, not strong enough to connect the modem.
  4. For testing then connect the modem with USB Extender and connect with your computer.

This method has been tried and the results is signal increase, but come back again on the placement and location of where you are. In the discussion above regarding the addition of UTP cable, there is a special way to connect a UTP with USB. For those of you who have never been stringing cables UTP here is how:

  1. Buy the UTP cable with good brandedĀ  according to the length you need, but can not be more than 9 meters because it causes the modem connection cannot be detected.
  2. Cut USB Extender less more off 5 cm from the second head of the connector. Then Peel each one colorful wires until look his copper.
  3. The same as number 2, Peel each end of the UTP cable until look each of his copper.
  4. Special thing It lies in the series of colorful wires.
  5. Connect 1 cable green (UTP) with green cable (from USB).
  6. Combine 1 White Green cable (from UTP) with white cable (from USB).
  7. Combine 2 orange white cable (from UTP) with red cable (from USB).
  8. Last merge first 4 white-brown cable and blue-white on UTP with black cable on USB.
  9. Once everything is connected, wrap insulation so that it cannot happen shorting.
  10. Add a patron for the modem from the heat and the rain (if placed outdoors) for example with paralon or cans.
  11. Ready to try.

Using CD Piece and Canned Former

To improve the signal of GSM and CDMA modem You there is one more way that simpler by using CD Piece and insect repellent spray cansĀ  former.

  1. Prepare bottles insect repellent spray or deodorizers. The bigger cans, then it will affect the catching signals.
  2. Prepare CD discs used.
  3. Put the right CD discs under your modem with the position of the shiny faces on the modem.
  4. Put the cans near the CD disc, no need to get in touch.
  5. Move-move the cans around the discs in accordance with the direction in which many captures the signal.

Actually there are many more ways that you can use, but a simple way above hopefully can benefit. Both way the above have been proven can increase the signal Your modem for GSM and CDMA networks.

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