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HTML5 is Ready to be Launched


A promising Tool to display the next era of Web applications, smartphones and online video has finally been resolved. Determining standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently announced, the HTML5 language program to run Web and a complete features has been finished. However, the W3C says there are still some testing, and has not yet become official Web standards might have to be launched in 2014.

HTML5 is an open Web Platform, a complete programming environment for cross-platform applications with access to device capabilities, such as displaying animation and video, graphics, style, typography, and other tools for digital publications, extensive network capabilities and many more, said W3C.

HTML5 is Ready to be Launched

With HTML5, enables developers to provide in-browser experience which had its own applications or require additional software such as Java, Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. Support for fast video, geolocation service, offline tool and touch is some many features in HTML5.

“Web technologies to reach a wider, more and more stakeholders we request a standard is stable,” said W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe. Developers will know the ability to achieve smart phones, cars, televisions, eBook, digital signature and to devices that are not yet known, said W3C.

According to the survey of Kendo UI from 4000  developer , 63 percent of whom actively developing with HTML5. However, the same survey showed that the fragmentation of browsers is still a major concern. Now, the W3C HTML Working Group Middle test HTML5 on various browsers, email clients, servers, and content management systems, and other Web tools.

The group formed by the W3C that examiners do not work alone, Web Performance Working Group are also being in developing techniques to ensure and improve the performance of Web applications. While the Web and TV Interest Group as well as the Core Mobile Web Community Group prioritize testing as a way to promote the spread of the various settings of the device.

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