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Indispensable Money Management Apps for Smartphone Users


In the modern, fast-paced world, multi-tasking has become the norm and we have slowly been programmed to carry out several actions at the same time on the go. For example, in the past, money management was a task that involved putting in 100% concentration and taking crucial economic decisions, often assisted by an expert. At present, all that someone needs for efficient money management is a moderate smartphone and a couple of money management apps that enable them to check out offers from debt settlement companies after browsing through the top ten reviews. Managing finances has never been easier for smartphone users since it is simple to keep track of where their money is going through the assistance of the mobile apps.

Indispensable Money Management Apps for Smartphone Users

Some of the most important money management applications for the users of smartphones are listed below:


Expensify happens to be the combination of a phone application and an online service which allows the users to form efficient and reliable expense reports that are a great boon for everyone involved in the matter. The first step is to establish an account which is free for all individuals. However, in case the customer wishes to avail business expense report approval, they will need to shell out $5 for each person. The next step involves downloading the correct application onto the phone and the program supports various smartphone models for the benefit of the user. It then becomes possible to upload receipts from the user, add different account information, keep track of expenses, sync with Quickbooks and finally create various spreadsheets and reports. Expensify is the best money management app in the market right now and smartphone users will benefit greatly if they download this application onto their phone.


It is not uncommon for many smartphone users to lose a lot of extra money on late fees simply because of the fact that they missed the due date of paying their bill. However, in a business environment, there is no room for such error and the users are expected to remain aware of their due dates for payments. The process becomes simpler if they are able to set themselves up with an account on Pageonce since this great application allows them to keep track of multiple bills, account balances and payments and even sets up various alerts with the Payments Due feature so that the user remembers to pay the bills on time. Creating an account is totally free on Pageonce and even the app can be downloaded at no cost for various Operating Systems like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


BillTracker is an amazing money management application that offers a simpler take on the whole bill reminder service without any of the associated technical jargon to confuse the users. The downside is that the app is available just for users of Apple devices, such as the iPod Touch, the iPad and the iPhone. The cost of the application is merely $1.99. The interface of the application is rather clean and straightforward along with being easy to use. There is both a list and a calendar view available for upcoming bills of the user.


Loanshark is meant for users who have some experience with money management and are aware of where their money is going. The app allows the user to calculate loan payments and is capable of producing a full amortization table on behalf of the customer which will allow them to view how much interest they are paying at the moment, how much extra payment would be great for their present financial situation, and so on. The user has to shell out $2.99 for the application on their iPad or iPhone but in case of Android users, the app is available free of cost.


PayPal is considered to be the go-to method for all sorts of online transactions and the application is still believed to be a must for managing money, transfers and payments in an easy manner. The mobile application allows the user to keep track of the payments and balances that they receive and they even get the opportunity to transfer money to their other accounts and make payments.

XE Mobile Currency

Irrespective of whether or not the owner of the smartphone is travelling for business or compiling an attractive proposal for a global client, it helps to have a suitable currency converter since then they can easily keep track of dollars to yen or euros or any other currency. XE Mobile Currency is a great currency converter app that offers live currency rates and the app is free for use on many smartphone OS platforms.


ProOnGo offers expense tracking services to the user in an easy and convenient manner. The app begins with the cloud-based service where payments may range from as low as $0.99 each month to $9.99. Individuals availing a business account should get ready to pay $27 per month for five users and the cost may go up depending on the package. As soon as the account is set up, the suitable application may be downloaded onto the smartphone of the user. ProOnGo enables the user to track their mileage, input various receipts, create reports for Quickbooks or Excel, and track their time.


If the user needs a simple application to track the time, ClockIn will serve the purpose wonderfully. In case they are an outsourced worker or a freelancer, it becomes extremely easy to track the hours logged on various projects through the use of this app. Even if the user happens to be the head of the company, they can track their own hours to find out what tasks they are investing most of their time in. ClockIn is available for Apple products at no cost.


This is an invoicing application that is extremely convenient for freelancers on the go. They can use the app to get their invoicing done so they do not need to worry about remembering to do it once they get back home. MobileBiz has a free trial version and a pro version and is meant mainly for Android users.

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