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Industry Experts Discuss the Benefits of Cloud to Businesses


An increasing number of businesses are switching to cloud computing with the market set to be worth approximately $100 billion in the next calendar year. There are many reasons behind the surge in popularity but perhaps the two biggest factors are the low associated costs and the flexible nature of availability.

The Cloud has been designed to make sharing information much easier and makes the use of hard drives and associated applications almost redundant. At the recent Cloud World Forum hosted in London, industry experts and business users reflected on just how important and beneficial the Cloud has become to businesses.

Nick Hyner lauds the impact of Cloud on businesses

Nick Hyner, the Director of Cloud services at Dell, was one of the speakers at this prestigious event. When asked in a video interview about the ways in which cloud computing could benefit businesses he pointed to the increased flexibility and practical nature of the systems.

He concluded that for many business users, such as salesmen, having everything at their fingertips could help to drive sales. Information, software and programs can be accessed regardless of location which makes it perfect for that those who need a mobile solution to their IT requirements.

Additionally, he spoke about the very positive impact that it would have on customer relationship management. The Cloud can help businesses decide which products and services most closely match the needs of an individual client. All of this can be done outside of the office environment; saving the company time and money.

The interest in the service continues to grow which is why Dell posted this video on what businesses gain from the Cloud on their website and YouTube.

Other important benefits that the Cloud offers businesses

cloud computing

One key aspect of the Cloud is its ability to improve the efficiency of a business workforce.

Previously, many people were tasked with the job of updating software and maintaining the IT network itself. A company that is cloud-enabled no longer needs to spend money employing people to perform these duties. This helps business to improve the efficiency of their workforce whilst at the same time reducing costs. This article on The Guardian even suggests that it can help SMEs find their entrepreneurial spirit by levelling the playing field in this highly competitive market.

In addition to this, businesses can benefit from improved operations. The Cloud incorporates the latest software technology which gives businesses access to up-to-date solutions and further enhances the ability of the company to operate in an efficient manner.

This can also save the company money due to the fact that they do not have to invest in expensive software updates.

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why the Cloud has become so popular amongst business users. And, with further improvements to the services imminent, its popularity looks set to grow even further.

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