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iPTool Software Resetter for Canon iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500


IPtool is free and portable software to reset Canon iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500. This program resetter  is works with the printer Canon iP-series only. This software provides all you need to reset your canon printer such as reset ink counter, ink level, cleaning head’s cartridge, test print and more.

Attention, like other software resetter, before using the iPtool software you must reset your printer manually to prevent the program stalled when using this software to reset your printer. Manual reset for printer that supported with IPtool can be found at other post in this blog. I have tested this software to reset Canon iP1300, iP1700 and Canon iP1880 printer this software work fine.

Features IP Tool software:

  • Showing all info on the printer such as ink level, ink counter number of cleaning, cartridge replacement and more.
  • Print test feature to test nozzle on the cartridge.
  • Cleaning and deep cleaning feature to clean head cartridge and cleaning the rollers.
  • Changing the delay value for drying.
  • Set the printer model manually.
  • Reading and reset EEPROM printer.
  • Reset counter and reset ink level on the color and black cartridges.

iPTool Canon iP resetter

Ink Level – shows the level ink:

  • BK – black cartridge.
  • CY – Cyan cartridge.
  • MG – Magenta cartridge.
  • YL – Yellow cartridge.
  • WM – Waste ink counter status.
  • WP – “additional” waste ink counter status.

Port Name – displays the port where the printer installed.
Port S / N – shows the serial number of the printer port.

Power – shows the number of:

  • ON – inclusions printer.
  • OFF – to turn off the printer.

Cartridge Info – Displays information status of:

  • BK – black cartridge.
  • CL – colored cartridge.

Head Parking – displays the number of parking.
Head Cleaning – shows the number how many time the cartridge cleaned.
Head Deep Cleaning – displays the number of deep cleaning Printer cartridge.
Cartridge Replacement – shows the number of cartridge replacements:
BK – black cartridge.
CL – colored cartridge.

Download iPTool version 1.1.3

Posted by Fz 60 Responses

60 Responses to “iPTool Software Resetter for Canon iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2200, iP2500”

  1. Joey says:

    I would like to know is there a way to reset Mp145 ink level?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Ang Ato says:

    thank you very much, boss 🙂

  3. bhang says:

    I can get my printer ip1800 to show but nuthin fills in and the proggie going(no respono)

    hep me hep me 🙂

  4. elsie Gamaro bucog says:

    my printer blinks 7 times and the power button and therefore unable to print. How ca I fix this problem?

  5. elsie Gamaro bucog says:

    my printer blinks 7 times and then power button and therefore unable to print. How can I fix this problem?

  6. tutul ahmed says:

    Dear Boss, Thanks very very thanks……Its work fine..I am very happy

  7. sandra says:

    is there resetting instructions for canon ip2500

  8. Fauzan says:

    Hi Sandra, If tutorial reseter canon iP2500 using adjustment program click following link
    IF using iPtool its easy, after the printer has deected with iPtool click reset main and reset platen button

  9. Mircea says:

    How can I to reset ink cartridge 41 color for Pixma IP1800, please? I thank you very much!

  10. Jimboy says:

    my printer blinks 7 times and then power button and therefore unable to print. How can I fix this problem?

  11. Jimboy says:

    how to solve this problem 7 blinking on resume button of canon ip1300?
    thank you,.!!!

  12. rif says:

    not working!!!

  13. Carlos Casado says:

    I think this is wonderfull. Work perfect with my ip1300 Thak´s I´Beleave better than free.
    Gracias, me parece maravilloso, trabajo perfectamente con mi ip1300. Creo que como el original logo de Linux lo mejor es gratis

  14. lrdq says:

    menu cannot display while my printer is still in error mode.

  15. katrina says:

    hi! i downloaded the iptool , i did the head cleaning, reset the EEPROM, reset the ink counters, but when i did the print head test, only the pink color appeared in my paper.. my black and color cartridge was still in 97%. both cartridge was installed successfully…can you please help me…i need to fix this for my thesis…:((

  16. Fz says:

    @katrina, These problems are often found on the cartridge that has been refilled. The problem possibility caused by ink that are not compatible. My suggestion (1) Use new Ink refill or (2)buy new printer cartridges.

  17. Chuck says:

    my ip1700 lights are blinking. one green and the other yellow. will not print. error 6000 is posted when i try to print. how can i fix this? it uses canon 40(blk) and cannon 41(color). I have replaced them and still error code 6000 appears.

  18. Olgui says:

    I downloaded it but it wont work. It did recognize the printer (since its name appears in the left side) but everything displays as “unknown” and the buttons are disabled. I need help please =S =)

  19. Fz says:

    @Olgui, Before using iPTool you need to reset your printer manually.

  20. Olgui says:

    Thankz Fz, but I think my printer has died =S I tried all the methods to reset it manually (I found like 3 ways) and It still won’t work. There’s another software that did recognize it (General Tool) and I was able to do all the steps to reset it, but at the end it prints out something and my printer started grabing one sheet first that passes through just fine and then the second one always stops after advancing 2 cms. =( the orange light starts flashing two times, which means “paper stuck” and this happens everytime =( I guess I’ll buy a new one, but the IP1900 is discontinued, someone told me they replaced it with the IP2700 which is only US$30 Thanks for your help =)

  21. Nelson Echeverria says:

    Can you use this program for the ip 2700

  22. cubic³ says:

    how do you hardware reset an ip2700 printer?
    and is there already a tool for ip2700?


  23. jade says:

    guys i cant download the iptool software…is there any other link..i think the link is broken of the url has been move or remove,,help please

  24. jade says:

    i have a problem..i want to reset the ink level of my pixma ip1800..any help would be appreciated.

  25. Fz says:

    @jade, The download link fixed, Don’t right click your mouse on the download link to download the iPtool software on this page

  26. jade says:

    @fz how can i correct this CL: Ink detection error ihave already reset color and done the step by step proccess inreseting my printer. do you have any idea.. it looks like only the black, yellow and the cyan are printing the magenta is not you any idea about this…thanks for the help.

  27. Jose Carlos says:

    the link for DL doesnt work…. you should check that… and, does this work for iP1900?

  28. Fz says:

    @Jose Carlos, thank for your info, I have updated the download link

  29. limaj says:

    Will IPTool work with PIXMA iP2772 ?

  30. Fz says:

    @limaj, IPTool not support for iP2772

  31. bigmackoy says:

    will it work on ip2770/ ip1980?

  32. Fz says:

    @bigmackoy, iP Tool not support for canon iP2770

  33. Zutonx Blog says:

    Thank u very much…….

  34. benpal says:

    is there an iptool that will support canon ip4760? please help….

  35. Fz says:

    @benpal, iPtool not support with canon ip4760. the iPTool project has no longer continue.

  36. to says:

    cartridges must be in good quality

  37. Jevon says:

    Will the iPTool support the iP1000? If not what will?

  38. Fz says:

    @Jevon, IPTool not support for canon iP1000. For resetter Canon iP1000 download here: resetter canon iP1000

  39. juuop says:

    will it work on iP1980?

  40. Nik says:

    Are this program supports IP 4500? Please I need fast answer.

  41. win says:

    i tried it once on my ip1980… it didnt work, but worked perfectly with my ip 1700. 😉

  42. leny says:

    thanks for this service i love it…

  43. joel says:

    plssssssssssssssssssssss i need ink pad counter reset for canon pixma 1p2772

  44. Fz says:

    @joel, check this post: resetter canon iP2770 maybe it also work with Canon iP2772

  45. ruwan says:

    cannon ip 1300 7times blinking?

  46. Ivo says:

    10x for the tool, It works but the problem is when I disconnect the printer from electricity it lose reset and the ink level is the same as before. Is it normal ?

  47. noel says:

    hi… does the software reset canon ip2772? can anybody tell me how to enter the service mode? i’m new to this model… thanx

  48. Fz says:

    @noel, maybe this post can help to solve your problem: resetter Canon iP2770

  49. mpho says:

    i own a cannon IP2500 and it doesnt want to print to print in black only as its the only ink left couse i removed the colour ink…any suggestions how i may be able to print with only black ink installed?

  50. Dipesh says:

    IP Tool software not workig on windows 7 ??

  51. Dipombi says:

    please I need the service mode tool V2000 for Canon pixma ip 4840

  52. e_zaimi says:

    Worked flawlessly on my pc using Windows 7 Ultimate X64

  53. Max says:


  54. Nekromantik says:

    Reupload pls

  55. Fz says:

    Download link updated.

  56. rimon says:

    iiP Tool Software Resetter for Canon iP1300, or resetter canon iP1300.

  57. ion says:

    Download Link is Broken
    Here is a mirror :

  58. cleo says:

    thank you so much!!!

  59. innah says:

    my printer wont print… i have tested its roller its working… but after a minute the blink of orange which stands for no paper.. blinks… then shows that its running out of paper but there is paper on it. my printer is cannon ip27772
    please hep me thank you


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