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Later, the Bank Robber doing the Action Enough from the Computer


In the future, the robber will not rob banks using weapons and masks anymore, but they are hiding behind a computer that are connected to the internet to robber the banks.

As quoted from CNN Money, currently there are several ways that do the criminals to do “cyberattack”. They were able to steal before the money was transferred from a bank account.

Vikram Takur, a manager at Symantec Security Response, said that online theft is almost always part of the crime scheme. Although sometimes performed a single offender, most cyber crimes are divided into several steps which dealt with different players.

Later, the Bank Robber doing the Action Enough from the Computer

Most bank account theft from malware developers selling malicious software to the hacker via the black market.

Through the black markets in the Internet, a malicious hacker can buy devices to steal bank account credentials, the service to drop (turn off) the web site, or viruses to infect your computer.

Hiring a hacker is very easy because the malware currently requires them to infect hundreds or thousands of computers.

Some services even reasonably priced. For example, to get 1 million email addresses only need to pay US $111.

After has collected account information the victims, hackers can sell that data to somebody for a repackaged and distributed to the black market.

Not all information is worth the same. Often criminals seeking the trust of wealthy people with accounts at financial institutions where they are familiar with the security system.

“All experienced. Clever criminals who will sell items to other people then came out of surgery, “said Thakur.

Up here, no money has been stolen. However, thousands even millions of dollars have been ready to change hands.

Cyber criminals who bought information about bank account it can use it to transfer the money, even though it is high risk.

At this stage, the criminals can use the network transfer internationally, making a purchase online with stolen credit cards or actually to ATM using a stolen PIN and  fake debit card.

“At this stage they are really at risk of being caught,” said Thakur.

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