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Line Application Achieved a Download Record 150 Million Times


By showing illustrated feature cute and unique as a differentiator from other social chat application, Line, chatting applications free social based, origin company Japan has success scored 150 million users.

This service is one of the most popular in Asia than other social chat application. The application is available in 12 languages and multiplatform connecting users of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia Asha, as reported by thenextweb.

This news comes in the same week with reports that call volume of chat application exceed SMS for 2012. Exceeded the SMS volume by chat application is the first time in the content industry.

Line Achieved a Download Record 150 Million Times

The Line has a rapid growth in Spain and Latin America countries. Countries in Africa began to have the role of making so the application created by Naver, has 150 million download in the 23 months since it was first launched.

Even the Line added the new 50 million downloader in the last three months. Of course this adds 100 million times the downloaded applications in mid-January this year.

Success in Spain’s only was seen as a signal that the Line has the potential epidemic in non-Asian markets. But according to Forbes, Spain still held WhatsApp that have 90 percent users of social chat applications.

Line says, the success of the growth in Spain, Mexico, and Latin America thanks to a service on the cheap device, for example Nokia Series Asha.

In addition to the download chat application, Naver as a maker of applications it can still gain revenue from virtual content. For example, through the sale of stickers, or games.

In the past March alone, applications on the platform game Line has downloaded as much as 100 million times, it proves that there is a lot of involvement by the user.

Analysts predict that the game downloaded 1 million times in just one day and the downloaded total during three days reached 1.75 million times. This application is believed to bring revenue to the company’s Japan as many as 1 million U.S. dollars in the first 12 days.

Now you try to imagine on a wider scale, with more applications and more users. Line able to rake in bigger income.

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