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Make Real 3D Desktop on your Windows with Sphere XP and SphereXplorer


The Sphere XP is a 3D desktop replacement for Microsoft Windows to replace your desktop and organize objects on the desktop like real 3 dimensions.  SphereXPlorer is a three dimensional web browser that enables you to browse the web like you had never before. By combining SphereXP and SphereXPlorer you can make your desktop like real 3 dimensions.

Sphere XP and SphereXplorer release as freeware ant it work on windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you install this software on Windows XP, this software required .NET Framework 2.0 installed in your Windows XP system.

Sphere 3d Desktop

Minimum hardware requirement to use Sphere XP and SphereXplorer is 3D accelerated graphics adapter (min 64MB), processor should be at least 1.0 GHz and minimum RAM is 256 MB (512MB recommended).

How to Use and Install Sphere XP and SphereXplorer

  • Download and Install the software.
  • Open the SphereXP or SphereXPlorer program, and then configure this software.
  • Once configuration is complete click OK

SphereXP or SphereXPlorer can be downloaded from the following link: (Free)

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3 Responses to “Make Real 3D Desktop on your Windows with Sphere XP and SphereXplorer”

  1. jaswanth says:

    i wonder how can u find all these cool stuff great work :)

  2. DelGrade says:

    This article like my post too… Hohoho~ 😀

  3. KuLdEeP says:

    COOOOOL YR.????



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