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Mastering Your LSAT Preparation: 3 Crucial LSAT Prep Tips that I Learned from 7Sage


The LSAT is comprised of five multiple choice question sections and one writing assignment. Each multiple choice test section is composed of three main types of questions meant to measure a student’s skills in reading, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Because the results of the LSAT determine which law schools a student may be eligible to attend, the importance of preparation cannot be overstated. These three LSAT preparation tips offer strategies, techniques and suggestions that can help you unlock your full potential in the months leading up to your test date.

Mastering Your LSAT Preparation - 3 Crucial LSAT Prep Tips that I Learned from 7Sage

1. Be Familiar with the three types of questions

There are three question types in each of the multiple choice question sections of the LSAT test: logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning. In reading comprehension, students are required to comprehend the purpose, meaning, and structure of complex selections. Analytical reasoning questions measure a student’s ability to interpret scenarios based on a set of facts and rules presented in a passage. Finally, logical reasoning questions tests students on their ability to critically analyze and evaluate arguments. Learning to recognize what is expected of you from each of these types of questions will ensure you have more time to focus on solving problems rather than wasting time on understanding the semantics of the question.

2. Enroll in an LSAT Prep course and compile LSAT preparation materials

Many students choose to study for the LSAT by enrolling in a formal LSAT preparation course. A prep course will take you through studying for the LSAT systematically. Today, many organizations provide online prep courses complete with sample questions and answers, practice tests, and a host of other LSAT prep materials. Many LSAT courses also teach techniques and strategies for solving problems and critical reading. Alternately, you could buy an LSAT preparation study guide or compile one from the free materials that are available online.

3. Manage your time and stay sharp

Planning your study sessions might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many students fail to reach their full potential for lack of proper planning. To manage your study time well, first create a study plan several months before your test date. Collect LSAT preparation materials and guides beforehand and schedule your study sessions so you allocate at least an hour every other day for studying. Second, if you are going to enroll in an LSAT prep course, do so with enough time to complete it.  Finally, take timed practice tests to get comfortable managing your time in test-day conditions.

In conclusion, students who recognize the importance of preparation are more likely to achieve an excellent LSAT score. If you want to maximize your LSAT score, familiarize yourself with the question types covered on the test, enroll in an LSAT preparation course, study LSAT prep materials, and learn the techniques and strategies that will help you succeed on test day. Finally, make a study plan and learn to manage your time well during each practice test. In addition to the advice above, you can gain valuable insights from experts who have taken the LSAT by visiting

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This was written by Deanna Orr.

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