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Microsoft-Google Partnership for the YouTube Application


The internet giant, Google announced a partnership with Microsoft on a new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8. Follow up competition with Microsoft about YouTube application that unauthorized, both of these giants appears to be in to resolve the dispute between them.

Previously, Google asked Microsoft to remove its application on May 22, 2013. But, Microsoft is rumored to deliver solutions to address some of the Google problems of the fourth week of April in 2013.

Microsoft-Google Partnership for the YouTube Application

“Microsoft and YouTube build partnership up for update YouTube application for Windows Phone. This is to conform to YouTube’s terms of service. Including the enable ad in the coming weeks, “said the Google party.

From the Microsoft parties, saying that they are happy to include an ad on YouTube applications in Windows Phone. This if Google allowed him and provide access to the API (Application Programming Interface) official.

As reported by cnet page, Microsoft will use the YouTube API is available as Javascript and Iframe. This API Data is already available before.

But, Microsoft assumes that Google prohibits it to offer YouTube app for Windows Phone on consumers. Then Microsoft released their own YouTube app for Windows Phone. This shows that the situation has not changed since Microsoft should use the limited API to make a new application.

The controversy lasted several months and in the end the blocking of Google Maps service abolished for Windows Phone users.

According to a Google spokesperson, Microsoft will team up with Google for new applications and will replace an existing YouTube app on Windows Phone Store with the previous version.

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