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More About the NSA’s Massive Utah Data center


The much talked about yet the super secretive data centre that has been in the news for a while located at Utah bears the code name Bumblehive. The data centre for the United State Intelligence Community is also called the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative(IC CNCI).

A lot has been said about the Utah Data Center and it is most natural for curiosity to rise around the subject. Actually, the Utah Data Center is not a secret spy center but a data storage center of the US Intelligence Community which has been designed to store huge amounts of information. The size of the data that it is expected to store is enormous.

More About the NSA's Massive Utah Data center

The Purpose

Located between the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, this project was created to help and support the CNCI which is Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative. Since its inception this project has created enough buzz around it and it is being claimed that the Utah Data Center has access to all possible modes of communications. As surprising as it sounds, it actually might be happening. Imagine someone having access to your telephone conversations, email, messages or even the things you search on the internet.

Among all of these what strikes us the most is its access to regular book purchases, parking receipts and even one’s travel itineraries for the sole purpose of strengthening the US security.

Is it going to be a spy station?

All said and done, the amount which has been invested to create NSA’s Utah Data Center is beyond the imagination of the common man. Not only does this center have technology even more advanced than what Facebook or Google has to offer but media leaks suggest that the technology being used is extremely futuristic. It is not very hard to imagine how much the maintenance of such a hefty project would cost the US government. Even after the government having clarified it to be a data storage center, it is being referred to world’s largest ‘Spy Stations’.

The Problems that it faces

NSA's Massive Utah Data center

As with most of data collection projects even this project faces the intensive problem of going through huge amount of spam. This involves filtering huge amounts of data which leads to wastage of time and resources however the data which they are able to collect in the end is worth the effort. Nonetheless, dealing with spammers and individuals with fake email ids is an inevitable problem. The thousands of network lists which are extracted from these analyses lead to building a huge map of the digital relations.

It has also been reported that there is a serious malfunction with the electric system that has led to several failures. Dealing with a project so huge, it goes without saying that the power structure of the data center is extremely complex. However, looking at the gravity of the purpose of the Utah Data Center such setbacks are uncalled for. The development committees responsible for handling such glitches have been under a constant pressure to fix the problem since it is of utmost importance that the system remains reliable. The designers are on their toes to improve the efficiency and bring the power consumption to a balance. The smaller problems are not grave enough to impact the data center but it is extremely important for the Data Center to be able to avoid any serious issues that may disrupt its functioning.

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Kennu Singh is a regular writer for Gipsy Dharma. The main reason for writing this article is his previous job experience.

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