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Mozilla Firefox 14 Faster and Safe


The internet users are certainly familiar with Mozilla Firefox. I am also one of those loyal users of Mozilla Firefox. I think this browser is one the best browser in the internet.

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser, functionality to explore and browse the internet. Mozilla Firefox is developed by volunteers who joined in the non profit organization, the Mozilla Foundation. His latest version of Mozilla Firefox at the moment is 14, which was released on July 17, 2012. This browser support the latest API and compatible full screen on OS X 10.7 Lion.

Firefox has proven in many years to become the most popular web browsers and most used by internet users in the world. Security, speed and flexibility that Firefox Mozilla if compared to other similar programs is unquestioning. This Software Update on a regular basis and is always available to be downloaded for free in a variety of languages and operating systems. Mozilla Firefox also has always lead the way in keeping track of the latest internet technologies and implement support in every release. As an example of his ability to display the current version of the HTML document, i.e. HTML 5. All this is inseparable from the breadth of support developers of volunteers from around the world.

Mozilla Firefox 14 Faster and Safe

Software Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded for free. Option program offered very diverse. You can choose a specific language in Firefox. You can also choose a program package according to your operating system, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. The size of the installation source files about 16 MB.

Popup blocker capabilities, download management, private browsing, password management, multi-tabbed, search box, and add-ons Mozilla Firefox features has become the standard for modern browsers, which later became the de-facto reference by developers and other web browsers. Thanks to the Add-ons, various additional functions can be installed by users of Mozilla Firefox as required. For web developers, Web Developer features like Inspect Element is very help to relieve their web development tasks. Handling privacy and security applications are also better than any ‘brother’ of his old, namely Internet Explorer, who had often complain about having a lot of security holes and always miss the latest technology.

One of the features not yet available in the default Mozilla Firefox is the ability to Translate or translations of web pages automatically. Web browser competitors, namely Google’s Chrome, provide default feature to translate languages in a web page impressions. Google Chrome can do this because the web browser application is indeed driven by Google’s Chrome, so it could be integrated into the Google Translate service. For users of Firefox don’t worry, because there are some plugins/addons translation that can be installed into Firefox, so it could close this shortcoming. Of course it would be nice if in the future Firefox developers can integrate this capability directly into Firefox.

Download Mozilla Firefox 14.01

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