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My Story with Binary


“Saturday’s the only day this week I’ll get to spend quality time with my kids.” I paused, “Isn’t there next week?”

Greg said, “If you want to spend more time with your kids, then we need to talk as soon as possible. We’re not putting this off. You’re killing yourself out there! You won’t last.” I was curious. I agreed with him that I wouldn’t last, and hesitatingly agreed to meet him in his home for a couple of hours on Saturday.

I had seen Greg at social occasions, and we had hosted him or his son at our home before, but I had never been his guest before. His home was a large Victoria perched over a deep valley. I got to the door, and he greeted me warmly: “Welcome! Isn’t this weather beautiful.” He stepped onto the porch. “Golf was wonderful yesterday morning!”

“You mean Friday morning?” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s right.” He said.

I questioned, “Did you have the day off yesterday?”

Greg laughed heartily when I asked him this. I never asked him what his work was, and he never volunteered to mention it. When he was forced to talk about it, he would just mention something about finance and then change the topic.

“I have every day off! Come inside. I’ll show you what I do, which happens to be the reason I called you over here in the first place!”

I followed him into the foyer, up to the balcony and into an office with hardwood flooring and a grand desk with nothing on it but a computer screen, keyboard and mouse. He woke up the screen and typed into the browser “One Two”. He logged into his account, clicked around the screen a few times, and announced, “All done!”

“What did you just do?”

He motioned for me to follow him. “I just traded some binary options,” he replied. “Are you familiar with options at all?”

“No.” I said, following him across the house to the kitchen. “What are they?”

He explained to me that options are contracts that give you the right to buy or sell a stock or commodity at a set price (the “strike price”) by a set time in the future. If the price meets or exceeds the strike price, then an option becomes much more valuable. If not, then the option becomes worthless.

“I just traded a bunch of options just now! It’s not complicated,” he said, starting up a large espresso machine on his kitchen counter. “All I do is see which way the prices of some assets are going, up or down. If they’re going up, I hit the up button. If they’re going down, I hit the down button. 30 minutes after I make a bunch of trades, I check the computer again to see how I did!”

My Story with Binary

He handed me some espresso, and after we had caught up on family matters with each other, we returned to the office the check the trades. I was amazed! He made 12 trades. He won nine of them, and lost three, making over $700.

“You just made nearly a thousand dollars in a half-hour!” I blurted, not meaning to shout. “Most lawyers don’t make that much!”

Greg smiled, “That’s how I can afford this house, the land around it, and my comfortable lifestyle. I haven’t missed a single one of my kids’ athletics events since got started. I have time to pursue my hobbies. I get to spend as much precious time with my wife as I like, and I have time to myself to boot! Wouldn’t you like to live this way, too?” That day, Greg set up my account, taught me some tips and tricks, and set me on my way.

That was almost a year ago, but my life is already way different than it had been before. I’ve always wanted to take up skiing, but didn’t have the time and couldn’t spare the money. This year is my first year on the slopes, and I’m never going to let a ski season go by without hitting the trails again! I’m home every day when my kids get home from school, and I’m an active participant in their education now. For the first time in years, I feel like a real father!

I would recommend One Two to anybody looking to make a radical change for the better!

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