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Our planet is precious. Studies show that we are harming our planet at an extraordinary rate and we are not slowing down anytime soon. Why is it so difficult to stop hurting our planet and start helping? The truth is that we cannot seem to do so without sending us back several decades of progress. Technology plays a huge role in our daily life. If only there were things that were cool that were made by nature. Oh wait, there are! With these gifts from nature, we may no longer have to choose between nature and technology. In fact, some of these all natural items are better than some of their man made counterparts. Sometimes the best things in life are free! (or almost, anyway.)

Natural TechnologyPhoto by JCasalena

One of the most promising and useful resources made from natural products is Briquette, or known by a popular brand name Briketter. Briquette is basically condensed waste that can be used as an alternative to coal, but it has many other uses. It can be used to power entire homes, run manufacturing plants, and just be something cool to play around with. It is like very condensed sawdust. flammable, yet very long lasting. It has grown in popularity around southeastern Asia as a cheap alternative to costly fossil fuels, but now it is used in various parts all around the world for its simplicity and energy efficient effect. With continued improvement, Briquette could be one of the top leading energy producers for its cost efficiency and clean emission. If something is cheap and helps save the planet, it is no surprise about the future roll of this one.

Another promising natural technology candidate is synthetic gasoline. Synthetic gasoline is a newer product, but it is made from corn. That is correct, we might be able to power cars with corn! Synthetic gasoline can also be used for planes, buses, trains, and even your lawn mower. It’s emissions are also much cleaner than regular gasoline. The best part about synthetic gasoline is that it is very easy to make so we no longer have to worry about fluctuating gas prices! Also, any country with a plant to make synthetic gasoline is now energy independent. We can improve the relationships we have with other countries by creating energy independence for all. Just think of all the amazing things that can be done here, all from something found in nature!

There are a lot of things found in nature that we should be taking advantage of. Sure, oil is found in nature, but when converted into use for man made products it can be harmful. Things like corn, natural waste, and even the sun are the true future of technology. We can do amazing things with natural technology without setting our species back to the stone age. We can even move our country ahead by saving the planet! This can all be done with simple products made from things found everywhere. It is amazing to think that some of the most simple items can have such a huge impact on our entire life.

Sometimes, cool and useful things do not have to be made in a factory and harm our environment. We still have yet to harness the amazing and unlimited power some natural elements give us! Nature has an amazing thing about it. Sometimes the coolest items are easily made from natural products. We all are starting to take for granted that things like oil and gasoline are readily available, but they will not be around forever. It is time to start looking for the technology of the future in nature, and not in man.

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