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Organize desktop icon with Fences


Fences is a free program from stardock that help you to organize and grouped the desktop icon and you can hide or unhide all icon easily when they’re not in use.  Fences can be used on Windows 7, windows vista and windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit version. To install Fences on Windows XP this program require Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or newer version installed on your computer, on windows 7 and Vista .NET Framework v2.0 has included on the windows installer.

If you need really neat desktop Fences is useful program for you, the software will make your desktop “totally-cool”. Fences is very easy to use for beginner user and for advanced user.

Features of Fences program

  • Create an unlimited number of Fence areas on your desktop
  • Customize the color and opacity of your fences
  • Quickly hide or show the icon on your desktop with a double click
  • Low profile, low system impact: Integrates tightly and cleanly with OS

Screen Shot my Windows Desktop after Installed Fences Program

Windows Dekstop with Fences Installed

How to Install and Use Fences on Windows Desktop?

  1. Simply, download fences program on the following link: download here (8.63 MB). (I use personal version)
  2. After download completed, install the program and then restart your computer after installed finished.
  3. First time logon to windows (after installed fences) you’ll see “welcome to fences” windows, click “start using fences” button for beginner user or if an advanced user you can click “I’ll create my fences on my own” but I recommend use first choice because you can use advanced setting later.
    fences  welcome screen
  4. Select the fences layout. After selected the layout the Fences program has active and ready to use on your desktop.
    fences select layout

Tips using Fences:

  • Double click mouse on the desktop to hide or unhide all icon/fences on the desktop easily.
  • To create new fence, right click then drag mouse on the desktop and then click “create new fence here”
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