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One of the website optimization that is the article uploaded on your website must be unique, its mean the article not duplicate content. How do I know the article is original or copy content? The way is using plagiarism checker tool. One the tool that I recommend and very good tool that is To check plagiarism using you must have an account on this website. But don’t worry you can create an account on this website for free. Articles checked using this tool will be compared with the Google search results. Why Google…!! Probably its caused Google is the most popular search engine today.

How do I use this tool?

I assume before using this tool you already have an account on if you do not already have an account please create an account first. For my testing I use the article in this article: download aimersoft DVD to 3gp converter 2.2.0 full version (This article from my Blog discusses about “giveaway aimersoft DVD to 3gp converter 2.2.0”)

Let’s test this article, or original copies.

  1. Login to then Click Free Account
    Plagiarism checker 1
  2. Copy and paste the content on the link above anf then click “ANALYZE” button
    Plagiarism checker 2
  3. The result similarity found for the content is 59.3%. Possibility that is caused this article has indexed by Google and there are at (this blog) and hound on Aimersoft because I copied the features of the software from
    Plagiarism checker result 1
    Plagiarism checker result 2

Note: The article found on eighth position on for search results for keyword ”Aimersoft DVD to 3GP Converter”.

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6 Responses to “ Useful Plagiarism Checker Tools”

  1. My Computer says:

    thanks for sharing, makes us to be more active and creative learning

  2. DelGrade says:

    Wonderful information….

  3. Geoffrey Black says:

    I guess using plagiarism detection software means trusting a service, because you should be very careful about giving out your work to someone else. I am a professor of English at the St. Michael’s College and can share my experience of using an online plagiarism detection service. It is called I am using it for over 10 months. I have tried them in many ways. For example, I have scanned one document in Nov., let’s say. Than I forget about it for a couple of months and scan that same document in March. It does not find any relativity to other documents, so I can be 100% sure these guys are not keeping the databases. Everybody heard of scandals with turnitin and I don’t want my students to participate in someone else’s database gathering.

  4. Olivia says:

    I like to use PlagiarismDetect.Net
    As for me very quality checks and first check free. The Plagiarism Checker is now bookmarked on my desktop, laptop and iphone 🙂

  5. Jane says:

    Most of the online plagiarism detectors are not free:( I personally prefer It is still in beta, but it offer same results as detectors for which you have to pay.

  6. Lissa says:

    @Geoffrey Black, you’ve just scared me with your story. I work mostly with http://www.plagtracker, and I haven’t even thought that it can add my texts to database. I’ve just tried to check one of my old articles there – and it didn’t find any matches. Such a relief! But is it really such a wide-spread thing among plagiarism detectors?


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