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Re-Enable, Free Software to Fix Windows Problem Caused by Malware


Perhaps you have experienced problems like this, your computer infected by a malicious program (Viruses, Malware and Trojans) and you managed to clean the virus on your computer, but unfortunately some windows features locked by the virus. Usually, a malicious program locked some feature in windows system such as: registry, msconfig, task manager, control panel, folder option, etc. With re-enable software you can easily solve these problems just one click.

What is Re-Enable software? Re-Enable is free and handy software to solve and fix problem in windows OS caused by viruses, malware, Trojans. This software can be used in windows XP, vista and windows 7. In windows XP require Microsoft.Net Framework installed on the system before running this software. On windows vista and windows 7 you must run this tool as admin.


Re-Enable can do and Repair this windows Feature:

  • Registry Editing (Regedit)
  • corupt Folder Options
  • Command Console (Cmd)
  • Enable System Restore Config and System Restore
  • Task Manager and Task Schedualer
  • Restore My Computer Properties
  • Restore Ms-Config
  • Restore Task Schedualer
  • Restore Right Click Context Menu
  • Restore Search in Start Menu and Explorer

You can download Re-Enable software from this link: (available installer and portable version). Other related article: Repair Windows Setting after Infected by Virus

Posted by Fz 2 Responses

2 Responses to “Re-Enable, Free Software to Fix Windows Problem Caused by Malware”

  1. Lux Mentis says:

    This is a good one, comes handy in cases of disaster and in portable version (though a big one as it carries the .net dependancies).
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Ajay says:

    Gr8 soft!!!


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