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How to Read and Copy EEPROM Data from Epson Printers


One of the features on Epson adjustment program is to backup the EEPROM on the epson printers and I think this features found on all version of adjustment program.  The feature are “EEPROM data read” and “EEPROM data copy”.

EEPROM data read, this function is to read all of EEPROM data and save read data to file. Procedure to read EEPROM data, Click the Read button to read all of EEPROM data.

EEPROM data copy (Backup EEPROM), be used before replacing the mainboard on the printer, this function should be done to save all of necessary parameters from target (defective) main board by pressing “Backup” button. If the program detects all read parameters are correct, then you can replace the main board with new one. After that, you can restore all of read parameters onto replaced new main board by Restore button. If this function successes, some of later adjustments may be omitted such as heat protection.


This adjustment features be used before replacing the main board with new one in the Epson printer.

How to Backup EEPROM data (Adjustment procedure)

  • Click the backup button to backup the old main board data.

When the backup operation is succeeded,

  • Replace the main board with new one.
  • Turn on the printer and click the restore button.
  • When the restore operation is succeeded, perform necessary adjustment.

When the backup operation is failed, Perform necessary adjustment. You may also like this software: Software to Restore EEPROM for Printer Canon iP2200, iP1600, iP6210D, iP6220D, MP150, MP170, and MP450
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6 Responses to “How to Read and Copy EEPROM Data from Epson Printers”

  1. Carlos says:

    Boa noite,
    Usando adjustament programs sem querer eu fiz back up na eeprom de minha impressora que passou a mostrar em seu lcd as linguagens japonesa e inglesa gostaria de saber se posso reverter o procedimento errado e o que devo fazer pois antes ela tinha o idioma português e outros.

  2. MANOJ says:

    How to backup eeprom data from defective (it dosen’t power on) epson t13 printer main board?

  3. printer dtg says:

    you can try to take the old eeprom chip and put it into the new printer board

  4. galihsan says:

    hi, I just tried tutorial reset ink for epson t13 using adjustment program, he said to select initial setting, and then click perform. it does not reset ink catridge, and my printer is geting bad,
    when I try to print photo using photo paper, the result is bad,
    it seem like the ink does not dry fast, I have set the quality and paper type to photo printing.

    any solution?

    sory for my english and thanks before

  5. rod says:

    hi I got “error no head id” after trying to reset ink pad counter in my epson me 32 printer
    What will be the next best thing to do? please help…

  6. augusto says:

    Hello someone have eeprom from t25 ?? please send me to my epson t25 became ms2


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