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Real Desktop 1.56 – Make your Windows Desktop 3D


I have several times written about software that can make windows desktop into three dimensions. In this article I write review Real Desktop 1.56. Real Desktop 1.56 can make your Windows Desktop 3D. With Real Desktop installed in your PC you can move icons around the screen with a left click, click both of your mouse buttons to “pick up” an icon, or click the edge to rotate it. Probably the most fun you ca have is when you highlight a bunch of icons and then drag them into another group of icons and watch them scatter like bowling pins.

There are two version of Real Desktop software, Real Desktop Standard and Real Desktop Professional version. Real Desktop Standard release as freeware and price of professional version is 27.95 Dollars. Here the screenshot of my Windows Desktop after installed Real Desktop 1.56.

real desktop 1.56

How to use Use Real Desktop

It’s easy, you just install and run the software. Real Desktop 1.56 can be used on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista. Download Real Desktop 1.56 from this link:

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  1. Marcus says:

    Real Desktop is nice, but it lacks organisational ability…if you clump up the icons, it’s nearly impossible to tidy them up again without disturbing another icon somewhere else. This program is good and it has a certain aesthetically pleasing quality about it, but it lacks the real customizational power that Bumptop has.


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