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Repairing Bad Sector on Hardisk Using HDD Low Level Format tool


Bad sector on hardisk there are two types, bad sector in software and physical. Physical bad sector is caused the plate on the hard disk is dirt, fallen down, collided, to be incised, etc. While software badsector can be caused when hardisk busy sudden die, cause of usually broken electrics current.

For the bad sector damage of physical of hard disk, you may need require an expert to repair the hard disk. While damage of software you can repair it self use software or tool. One of the software that can be used to repair bad sector on hardisk that is HDD Low Level Format Tool. HDD Low Level Format Tool is free software and this software provides easy to use interface.

Using this software hardisk can be low level format. Require to be paid attention that using low level format on a hardisk, causing all data in hardisk will lose and cannot be recovery again. But this way will be more effective eliminate sector bad. HDD Low Level Format Tool Support SATA, ATA or SCSI hard disk, this software also support removable disk like flashcard, flasdisk and etc.

How to run HDD Low Level Format Tool to Repair Bad Sector in Hard Disk:

  • Download HDD Low Level Format Tool from HDD guru website. After download the software, install it
  • Run HDD Low Level Format tools in your computer
  • Select a hardisk which will be repair then click continue.
  • Select LOW-LEVEL-FORMAT tab”, if you sure to format the hardisk click “format this device” button and await till finish. This process requires a few minutes/hours depending to the hard disk size.

HDD low format level tool only can be used to repair bad sector in software not is hard disk physical. The software can be downloaded from following link: HDD Low Level Format Tool

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5 Responses to “Repairing Bad Sector on Hardisk Using HDD Low Level Format tool”

  1. jay says:

    but i want to help for a hdd bed sector with hdd format

  2. John says:

    I have a WD 1600 JB (Western Digital Caviar SE) 180 gb Ok.I used HDD low level from hdd guru.It was run for 28 hours.After this I verifyed hdd with HDD Regenerator (Scan and repair mode). Woooooow My hdd have a lot of bad sectors. Why is this? It looks like LLF caused a lot of damages. HDD Reg run for 17 hours to regenerating bad sectors found. I had a few bad sectors before use LLF. Wich is the cause? I’m a little confused. Please check other forums, and give me an answer. Thank’s a lot!

  3. mas awee says:

    be careful using this software

  4. BennyZars says:

    If you want to low level format your hard drive. i strongly advise that you use LLF software provided by the manufacturer of your hard drive. for example your hard drive is Samsung then use the Samsung HUTIL software. if Seagate then use Seatool for DOS.

    Just use google and find that software on the internet.

  5. jack says:

    So dangerous, please carefull



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