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How to reset Epson Printer C340, C350, R240, R245 and R250


Actually we can reset this Epson printer models (Epson C340, C350, R240, R245 and R250) using SSC software but in this tutorial I write reset this printer using adjustment program because the Epson adjustment program is a good software from Epson but unfortunately is not free software.

To use adjustment program for Epson C340, C350, R240, R245, R250 require to change date setting in the computer to prevent error when run this software. Date setting for adjustment program C340 and C350 is February 1, 2007. Whereas date setting requires for adjustment program for Epson R240, R245, R250 is February 15, 2006.

How to Reset Epson C340 and C350 Using this Adjustment program:

  1. Download Adjustment Program for Epson C340 and C350
  2. Change the date on your computer to February 1, 2007 (to prevent error “program cannot be used”).
  3. Click accept then click particular adjustment mode.
  4. In the maintenance menu select and click “ink pad counter” then click initialize to reset the printer. done

How to Reset Waste Ink Counter on Printer Epson R240, R245 and R250 using this Software

  1. Download Adjustment program for Epson R240, R245, R250 and extract the file.
  2. Switch on printer
  3. Change the date on your PC to February 15, 2006
  4. Run the software by clicking “adjprog.exe” from the extracted folder
  5. Click accept
  6. Click particular adjustment mode
  7. Go to maintenance then Select waste ink pad counter then click ok
  8. Click on “check button till its done then click on initialization button then click on finish button
  9. Switch off printer for 5 secs then switch on again
  10. After you reset succesfully you can change the date back to normal

Note: If found error such as “program expired” or ” cannot be used” do following methods: close the program and delete the folder in “C:/Adjustment Programs/ on your PC” before rerun the adjustment program again

Posted by Fz 2 Responses

2 Responses to “How to reset Epson Printer C340, C350, R240, R245 and R250”

  1. sally says:

    have downloaded programme to reset R245 but it will not run – programme says “Error” this programme cannot be used – HELP

  2. Fz says:

    @Sally, you may not change the date settings on your computer. set date setting in your computer to 15 February 2006 before use this software.

    to use the software without error maybe you interest to this post:


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