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Reset Ink Level Cartridges PG-40 and CL-41 in Canon Pixma iP 1880


After refilling ink cartridge PG-40 and CL-41 at the Canon Pixma iP 1880, ink level on the cartridge not automatic full. This is one of the problems on the canon printer because when ink level is empty usually the printer can be used to print and led indicator on the printer blinking alternately (usually 7 orange and 1 green).

To solve this problem you can reset the cartridge ink level. There are two methods to reset the cartridge; manual reset and reset using software such iPTool software and canon general tool software. On this tutorial I posted how to do manual reset ink level on the Canon Pixma iP1880 cartridge.

Before doing this reset method prepare one PG-40 and CL-42 cartridge again, the cartridge will be used as dummy cartridge to reset ink level.

Here the process to reset ink level on the canon Pixma iP1880:

To make it easier to recognize the cartridge because there are two cartridges, the cartridge which will be reset I give the name Cartridge A and the dummy cartridge I give the name Cartridge B.

  1. Put dummy cartridge (Cartridge B) to printer. The canon Pixma iP1880 printer will detect new cartridge installed. Wait until detection finished (its will take a few second). Remove the cartridge from printer after all process detection finished.
  2. Refill canon cartridge PG-40 and CL-41 to reset (cartridge A) and put the cartridge to printer after refill finished. The printer will detect new cartridge installed. After the detection finished usually the ink level indicator has been full.

Note: If this reset method does not work on your printer you can use and press button combination on printer to reset the printer and then reset the ink level using software resetter.

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19 Responses to “Reset Ink Level Cartridges PG-40 and CL-41 in Canon Pixma iP 1880”

  1. dude says:

    okay umm so let me get this right… i easierly give name at level become manual of type canon before rest again needn’t do good for cultural learnings of america make benefit glorious nation of kazakhstan?


  2. IVAN says:

    “Reset Ink Level Cartridges PG-40 and CL-41 in Canon Pixma MP-145”


    i cant reset my colored ink in ip1880 canon printer

  4. sandi2000 says:

    @Louie Valencia, please check resetter canon iP1880 in your email, I havae send the resetter to your email

  5. Abul Hasnat says:

    I have refilled canon 40 and 41 cartridge but both the cartridge are showing low ink and my printer MP145 is showing error 4/5 and is not printing. I need the solution please

  6. junny says:

    pls give me a resetter in ip 1880

  7. cheedi says:

    to sandi2000,

    pl send me ‘resetter’ details for canon ip1880 to

  8. Morton says:

    Would appreciate details for resetting ip1800 cartridges. Thanks

  9. MinZaw says:


  10. asif says:

    can you send IP1880 cartridge reseter (

  11. hanko says:

    i need resetter cartridge for canon ip 1880

  12. Ken says:

    sadi2000 can you please send me the resetter for canon ip1880? i tried to download from internet but not working. your help is greatly appreciated.
    thanks, ken

  13. Jasmine says:

    Hi there,

    I had read the article but do not fully comprehand on how should I reset the ink counter. Please Advice.


  14. Thanks for this helpful steps in reset of printer cartridge. Once I encountered it in my own printer catridge I will definitely follow this easy steps of yours.

  15. I really appreciate how informative your post is. The steps are easy to follow. Thanks for the post!

  16. Ankit says:

    sorry but i didnt understand a word

  17. Jorgillo says:

    I cant reset MP150 cartridge…MPtool doesnot work…is always low leven and printin without blue component… thanks in advance.

  18. clif says:

    good day. please can you send me the resetter for canon pixma ip1700 and ip1880? thanks

  19. vsnagaraja says:

    I have cannon mp145 printer, I had refill the ink cartdridges, but it seems to not recognized. The problem E5. so please send your advice and support software


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