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Reset Ink Level on Canon Pixma iP1800/Canon Pixma iP1880 using iPtool software


I get this tutorial from forum to solve the ink level error in canon Pixma iP1800/Canon Pixma iP1880.  This problem usually appear after refilled the cartridge on the canon printer and ink level indicator showing the ink cartridge is empty although you have filled a cc Ink into the cartridge. And if the problem occur you cannot using your printer to print. The solution you must reset ink level on the printer if you want your computer work again.

If you have a problem like that you ca follow this tutorial to solve your printer  problem, here how:

  1. Turn of the printer and Disconnect the power cable to the printer.
  2. Press power button on the printer. While pressing the button connect the power cable to the power source (the power indicator will light in green)
  3. While still holding power button press resume button twice – orange blink and return to green.
  4. Release the power button, then the PC will recognize new cartridge installed (If the power indicator on the printer steady in green you continue to Steps 5)
  5. Run the IPtools software, please await after this software detect your printer correctly or you can set the printer model on “Change Model” section.
    IPTool for Canon Printer
  6. Click “reset black and reset color” button to reset the ink level and Click “reset main and reset platen” to reset waste ink counter. After clicked the button you will see ink level of the cartridge on in the IPTol info has 100% and WP and WM has  set to 0. Click Exit on IPTool
  7. Turn off the printer and turn on again.

On the reset procedure above usually the problem found on steps 1-4 to make the printer steady light in green. On my experiment if steps 1-4 does not work  on your printer, you can use manual reset method for canon iP1700 before continue to steps 5.

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12 Responses to “Reset Ink Level on Canon Pixma iP1800/Canon Pixma iP1880 using iPtool software”

  1. microsouf says:


  2. klpm says:

    Thanks, work ok on Pixma IP1600 too!!!

  3. raju says:

    Help me, How to solved the canon ip3500 printer problem.

  4. Fz says:

    @raju, at this time I dont have software resetter and reset methode for your printer model

  5. jade says:

    @fz how can i correct this CL: Ink detection error ihave already reset color and done the step by step proccess inreseting my printer. do you have any idea..thanks

  6. Fz says:

    @jade, If IPTool can not detect your CL cartridge maybe “canon service tool” for iP1880 can be used to solve the problem you can view the tutorial here:

  7. jade says:

    @fz thanks FZ…i resolve that error but when i turn of the printer the ink level turns to nothing again..but i aready reset it using iptool bk is 97 % cyan 96% magenta 97% yellow 96% wp 0% wm is 0% and cartridge is installed both bk and cl then turn off the printer wahlaaaa back to nothing 7.5% in black all 0% in the color…is there something that i missed.

  8. Fz says:

    @jade, I don’t know what caused the problem. I think the problem caused your cartridge. I use reset method above on my printer and it work fine

  9. honghong says:

    I need IP tool for my Canon IP-1800.In the cartridge is alway show blank.I need to show ink level.Where can I get Ip tool or other tool..Please.Thank you all.

  10. aday says:

    weird mine says at CL : Detect.Disabled,what that’s mean?,i’m using ip pixma 1880

  11. Napalm says:

    A million thanks! It is unacceptable that with a brand new set of original Canon inks, my ip1800 showed empty ink levels! Great tip, everything is resetted and functioning like it should. Thanks again!

  12. amos salve says:

    my canon pixma ip1880 giving continous 5 orange and 1 green blinks ulternately. i thaught it was a cartridge problem, so i removed the cartridges 1 after another to see weather it solves the problem or not. but it dosent solve my problem, but same thing is going on even though i’ve removed both the cartridges..
    pls help…..


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