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How to Reset Printers Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970


Reset Printer Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970

Reset Canon MP140

Reset methode on canon MP145 work also on MP140, you can read the methode here: reset waste ink counter canon pixma mp145

Reset Canon Pixma MP160, Mp180, MP460

To reset the printer model you can use MPtool software, the reset methode can be found here: reset canon pixma mp160, mp170, mp180 and mp460 using mptool software. But before using MPTools software you must read this comment to reset our printer without error.

Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP210 and Canon Pixma MP220

  1. Start with printer off
  2. Press and hold resume Button (triangle in the circle) and click “Power” button. green led should be on
  3. hold the Power button, release Resume Button.
  4. Without releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” button and then release Both Buttons.
  5. Click “Resume” for four times then click “Power” button, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber).
  6. Turn off the printer and turn on again

Reset Ink Level Canon Pixma MP460 (Manual Methode)

  1. Disconnect the power cable
  2. Hold down power button
  3. Reconnect the power cable
  4. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button
  5. Release the power button
  6. The printer is now in factory mode…(wait about 30 seconds until it says “idle”)
  7. Press the down arrow (next to the “OK” button) until it says “Shipping Mode 1”
  8. Press the “OK” Button
  9. Now with it displaying “Without Cleaning” press the power button
  10. A test page should print
  11. Now open cover
  12. Disconnect the power again
  13. Take both cartridges out like normal
  14. Close cover
  15. Reconnect power cable
  16. Press power button
  17. Replace cartridges

note: Other methode to reset ink level you can use MPtool software

Reset Ink Level Canon MP470

It is basically a modified reset procedure for Canon MP460.

  1. Disconnect the power cable.
  2. Hold down On/Off button.
  3. Reconnect the power cable.
  4. With the power button still down, press the Stop/Reset button twice.
  5. Release the On/Off button.
  6. The printer is now in factory mode (wait until idle is displayed)
  7. Press the right arrow button (next to the OK button) repeatedly until Shipping Mode 3 is displayed.
  8. Press the OK Button
  9. Wait until “Without Cleaning” is displayed and then presss the Stop/Reset button once.
  10. A test page should print.
  11. Open the cover. (the cartridges should position themselves at the far left – the cartridge removal location)
  12. Disconnect the power cable.
  13. Remove both cartridges.
  14. Close the cover.
  15. Reconnect the power cable.
  16. Press the On/Off button.
  17. Wait until a Replace Cartridges message is displayed. Now insert the cartridges.
  18. Wait until the printer is operating in its normal mode. The display shows the normal start menu (ie: Copy).

to view the Ink level

  • Check by going to printer ->properties -> maintenance -> view printer status

Reset Canon Pixma MP520 maybe Work Also on Canon MP500, MP510 and MP530

To reset Canon Pixma MP520 view this article: Resetting Canon Pixma MP520

Reset Methode for Canon MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970 was removed by admin because doesn’t work

Note: Some of the reset method has update on April 20, 2010

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163 Responses to “How to Reset Printers Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970”

  1. Hacker says:

    MP470 Canon Printer

    You can disable the “NO INK” warning by pressing and holding the Stop/Reset (red triangle in circle) button for more than five seconds.

  2. will says:

    On my MP210, I changed the color cadride with a refilled on, and tried your manipulation but it didn’t make it:
    After pressing 4 times “Resume” and then “start” once, it did nothing. When I pressed “start” again, the printer printed “D=0.000 Ps=0.003” and did not shutdown after.

    When I finally shutted it down, the light for the color cadrigde was still on.

    I also tried pressing “Resume” 1 to 3 times:
    1 Time: Printed a bigger report with some color lines
    2 Times: Printed an even bigger report containing among other informations the raw EEPROM information in hexadecimal),
    3 Times: The printer shutted down, and when I turned it on, both black ink and color ink warnings were blinking for a while, and then only the color one remained :(.

    Though, I can print (even before I tried these manipulations), but even black and right pictures seems to be a little red-colored, and I though it was due to the fact that the low color ink warning was ON.

    Thank you if you can help me.

  3. gerardo says:

    How to Reset Printers Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970

    Donloaded I need

  4. mike says:

    MP220 error code U140 later i’ve refilled cartridge! Cannot allowd me printer because the printer doesn’t know the black/color! the instruction on top doesn’t function!
    Please please can you help me?
    Thank you very much

  5. Me says:

    I’m stuck in Service mode now! Mine never said “reset counter absorber” all I get is “Idle” I had to unplug it and start over, but all I get are weird pages… one with some color bars and a barcode and one with the printer info and some code that I do not understand. I’m stuck… any help would be greatly appreciated. MP470 here with the CL-41 cartridge in case it matters.
    Thank you

  6. alza says:

    I am afraid, I tried this manoevure but there is no response other than the usual booting of the printer with the same ink error as U051.Obviously, the printer “wouldn’t budge an inch”rather very resolute and no actions can be conducted. I use a MP180 cannonprinter. Any help is well appreciated.

  7. VS MATARO says:


  8. pezz says:

    When I was using Linux exclusively, I had no problem using refilled cartridges in my MP460. I installed XP on another partition, and it seems my printer driver’s installed some firmware to the printer to stop me using non-canon cartridges. Well, the price they are, this printer’s going in a skip. I’m f***ing annoyed that I can’t use cartridges I choose in MY printer, which I paid for!! I’m totally sick of having my hardware owned. Never again will I use windows.

  9. Andreas says:

    i try what you say to us but the main problem is that the refiled ink cadride/s dont get recognizeds from the machine.
    pls is there any prog tha can help us not to throw away the machine with the ink?!….

    thanks a lot for your help.
    pls reply me at my e-mail:

  10. Andreas says:

    the model is canon mp210

    S O R Y!

  11. jori says:

    Hey I have a MP220…. I work on vista 32-bit (and it kinda sux)..anyway I can print and copy but I can’t scan anything ?? it says that the printer is not connected to my pc even though I can print from my pc and memorycard-slot ? I’ve uninstalled and installed it for a billion times but it just won’t work ??

  12. VERO says:

    por favor, tengo una mp 220, no me aparece nada de tinta en los 2 cartuchos, los cuales estan cargados, me podeis ayudar???

    se lo agradezco

  13. marcel says:

    how can i reset my cartridges i’ve got a canon MP160. it sais he doesn’t recognise my cartridges.
    regards marcel

  14. me says:

    How to reset Canon MP240????

  15. Linda Ebrey says:

    What do I have to do to override the code so that I can copy my pictures on an SD Card using an all in one Cannon MP220. I have played with the leaver on the card. I can copy pictures on it from my laptop, so there is nothting wrong wilth the SD Card. Please help

  16. JP says:

    How to reset a Canon MP530???


  17. Mauricio says:

    necesito el de la mp190 No mpc190(F1)
    canon multifuncion blanco mp190

  18. Marius says:

    pls send email software canon mp210.pls

  19. juan carlos says:

    tengo un problema con mi impresora mp220 el cartucho de tinta negra y color esta llena pero la impresora no imprime solo manda un anuncio check ink U163 solisito apoyo grasias

  20. henry says:

    hola como estan quisiera que me ayuden tengo un problemita con pixma pm200 me sale que el bote de tinta esta lleno ya le hecho mantenimiento pero me sigue saliendo. y aparte me sale un erro de 5b00 que puedo hacer agradesco la ayuda que me brinden gracias!!

  21. Alfred says:

    Hi, your helpful people. I bought a canon mp 140. I change the cartridgeslights b & c still blinking. How do we tell the printer that the cartridges is changed so that we both can go on. Thank u if you can help me talk to this mp110.

  22. Jimi says:

    Hi, thanks for the help but I can’t exactly follow your instructions. Can anyone with better English that got this to work explain this to me please? Thanks

  23. Yusef Sad says:

    Eu realizo o procedimento, funciona, mas quando desligo a impresso e retorno a ligar
    o problema continua.

  24. cRAZYNESS says:


  25. i men says:

    cum fac o imprimanta mp 210 kre imi arat k nu are tusul negru bagat ori imi arata k nu am hartie bagata da ea de fapt nici nu nu vrea sa scanezer sau sa traga….da erori kum ar fii 214.000.000

  26. vali says:

    Please send me an eeprom file for canon mp160

  27. manu says:

    How do I reboot or reset printer, If appear that Error code, when i do not have CD.

  28. De Tran says:

    To sir
    Do you know how to reset the inks for canon mp520 ?Thank you

  29. milan says:

    How to reset my canon mp 160.PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  30. uRZi says:

    does anybody know how to reset the black ink for canon mp240? thnx anyway:)

  31. mike says:


  32. Johan says:

    Hi all,
    Canon MP140 resetted as descibed above but still keeping error E5.
    Tried every other solution that I had found on the Internet but nothing works. Even the solution with the 0 changing in 1 does not work. The zero never apears.
    Any ideas?

    Kind regards,

  33. Marsa Decker says:

    I have a canon mp530 and the error says check printer –even though I have done all the required error things. It sounds like something is scraping when the internal head tries to reset

  34. les says:

    problems pixma mp 140 cannot find counter absorber to reset printer

  35. Georgi says:

    Hi all,
    I have the same problem
    Canon MP140 resetted as descibed above but still keeping error E5.
    Tried every other solution that I had found on the Internet but nothing works. Even the solution with the 0 changing in 1 does not work. The zero never apears.
    Any ideas?


  36. javlololololo says:

    Thanks a lot!
    You save my day at my work

  37. Danielle says:

    hiya aye have a canon pixma mp180
    and aye have a new computer and cant get it set up as aye have lost the disc can u please help just got some ink and its going to waste please help me thanks xxx

  38. Mike says:

    I have identical problem as Georgi (posted 10-SEP-2009); I got the CL31 refilled and could not get it working. MP140 indicated the cartridge not recognizable.

    BTW, the Alarm light is ON the moment I switch on the printer.

    Tried the above procedure several times, zero never appears!

    Tried another procedure for MP150 (i.e. un-plug power cord first………) few times as well, also cannot reset the printer.

    Any other idea?

  39. Tim says:

    Thanks. I followed the instructions and then put the cartridge in again and it worked.

    Check you haven’t left the tape over the contacts like I did!

  40. Peter says:

    Error code 5 indicates that either the cartridge is not inserted correctly, the chip is dirty, or it is faulty. So firstly take the cartridge back out, re-install it and see if it works OK. If not gently clean the contact points with some Alcohol (Metho will also do) and reinsert it. If at first it still displays error 5 then try inserting it a few times, but if it continues to display error 5, then sadly it is time for a new one.

    If you get error code 3 it means that the cartridge is reading as empty. If it has been refilled simply hold down the Stop Reset button for 5 to 10 seconds, until the printer starts to do a self test. It will now override the empty cartridge warning and you can print as normal.

  41. iP says:

    I tried this step by step several times, but the printer just make a lot of noises and still swhos U051 error…???
    Grrr… I want to use the scanner, not to print any document!!!

  42. cristopher says:

    hola, hice lo que esta escrito, si me ayudo pero cuando lo apago y lo vuelo a prender me sale los mismo, parpadea y me señala el cartucho de color, cuando vuelo hacer de nuevo los pasos se soluciona lo apago lo prendo y de nuevo, si puedes entender mándame un mensaje a mi msn, gracias,

  43. KST says:


  44. KST says:

    dude…u`ve really saved my day… a perfect 10 for u :X

  45. Jasmin says:


    I just bought a new cartridge ( colour cl-51) for the canon mp 160, but my computer keeps showing that the coloured ink is almost empty and when I print he does not print the right colours. How can I solve this ???

  46. Fz says:

    @Jasmin, I suggest reset ink counter your printer with MPtool software. This software support for your printer. download the tool here.MPtool

  47. taiwash says:

    I try to use it on my MP530, but can’t work on it…

  48. jose carlos says:

    I just bought a new cartridge colour y for the canon mp500, but my computer keeps showing that the coloured ink is almost empty and when I print he does not print the right colours. how can I solve this??

  49. alesandro says:

    Hi! I have a problem with my mp220 canon. It enters in service mode as you advice above, but nothing ocurrs when i press the resume btn 4 times 🙁 so that the low ink counter doesn’t reset.
    What I’m Doing wrong?

    P.S MPTOOL doesnt supported for my model. It just get freezed when i try

  50. trevor says:

    i have a canon mp460 and the refill cartrigde is showing empty even though its full, what can i do to reset the printer

  51. mohamed iliyas says:

    i am using canon mp 160 it dose not work it shows the alarm.

  52. iriyanto says:

    I try to use it on my MP530, cheking print, led copy blink green and alarm blink, error code 5C00

  53. novra says:

    i have try for reset mp140 but didn’t success. in the segment show E 2 4….may be u ca help me thak…

    never mind in indonesian language thaxx

  54. firmansyah says:

    please send to my email software installed reseter printer canon mp140.thanks……??

  55. Vinod says:

    hi, I am using canon MP 530 series printer and its showing error code no. 5B00. What does it mean ?

    My service executive told me that my printer has to be reset to remove that error. But I am not able to reset. Then my service technician told me that I need original cartridges to reset my printer.

    What should I do ?

  56. shogun says:

    For MP160

    Sir, there’s a big diff between “service mode” and “low level” mode. They are not the same.

    Here are instructions:

    The MPTool is designed for service works with the printer Canon MP-Series
    when in Low-Level mode. This is NOT the same as “service mode”

    Currently supported for
    MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460. MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460.

    BEFORE activating MPTool…you need to

    To activate LOW LEVEL mode:

    1. Unplug the power cord to the printer for a moment.

    2. Then, hold down the on/off button while plugging in the power cord.
    Keep holding the on/off button down.

    3. Right away the green power light (in the button) will turn on solid.
    Keep holding the on/off button down.

    4. Press and release the Stop/Reset button.
    (the button w a red triangle in a red circle)

    5. Now you can release the on/off putton.

    The green power light will go off and the yellow Alarm light will stay on.
    Now you can run MPTOOL and resetting the ink counters will work.

    Your printer will show up as “another” Cannon printer.
    When you finish you must again unplug the power cord for a moment
    and then just plug it back in. After you do this, you’ll see both
    printers listed in Printers (controll panel) and one will show as
    offline. You can then rename this offline printer as “Low Mode Canon”
    or whatever works for you so you don’t mix it up with other functions.

    These instructions took some time to translate from Russian, so I hope
    you enjoy! Cheers!


  57. momeofthree says:

    I have a Canon Pixma MP240 and when I am trying to print it will start to pull the paper in and then stop and give me an error message of E2. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix?

  58. Keentax says:

    I have a Canon Pixma MP190, there is error 27. Someone have the reset code or software reset?? Thanks

  59. alza689 says:

    I have tried all these options and none of these instructions are useful. I have a Canon pixma MP180, That last option as described by show gun operates to the 2nd last line of his procedure. Eventually, when you momentarily unplug and replug the printer the power shuts of and when we restart as normal, it indcates the usual check ink error U051. Any number of attempts to surmount that step is futile. Has anybody with these instructions suvived to print normally?


  60. CHUCK says:

    FOR SHOGUN – January 19, 2010

    With the Canon Pixma MP460, I was really excited when I followed your procedure and everything seemed to be happening as you stated it would. I ran MPTool and saw that both black and color cartridges seemed to be reset and showed 100%. I went to Control Panel and changed the name of the second MP460 to “Low Mode Canon” as you suggested. However, after finishing the instructions, unplugging and replugging in the printer, the amber light came on and the display showed that the ink cartridges were not recognized. And so, I am back to square one. Were there any additional steps that were somehow left out of your procedure? I selected the renamed printer in Control Panel and made it the default, but when trying to print a test page, it would not print and suggested using the “troubleshooter” (which I did without success either). Please help with any further suggestions if you have the time to respond. Thanks. Chuck

  61. Sens says:

    For the MP240 just hold down the red button (circle with triangle in it) for about 15 seconds. This resets the cartridge, the led will still flash but it will print. I have tried this and it works. (your printer needs to be on BTW, just in case you wondered 🙂

  62. Mr. Sobuj says:

    canon mp160
    canon pixma ip3500
    anon pixma ip4200, Canon pixma ip4500

    The ink Absorber is full

  63. manzhi says:

    my printer is of model MP170. i also followed shogun’s steps but like chuck, it still displays the ‘check ink u051’ error code, and i cannot print.
    holding down the reset button as advised by other users doesnt work for my printer too
    pls help!

  64. Nunga says:

    To eliminate “out of ink” messages on Canon Pixma MP 160, MP-460 MX300 and similar printers using PG 40 and CL41 cartridges

    1. Disconnect the power cable
    2. Connect it while holding down the power button
    3. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button
    4. Release the power button
    5. The printer turns into a kind of factory mode…(wait for about 10 seconds, until it says “Idle”)
    6. Press the “>” (next to the “OK” button) once.”Shipping Mode 3″
    7. Press the “OK” button.
    8. Press “OK” again for “Without cleaning”
    9. A test page will print..
    10. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
    11. Disconnect the power cable again.
    12. Take out both cartridges.
    13. Close the cover.
    14. Connect the power cable once again.
    15. Turn the printer on.
    16. Now just put the cartridges back…

  65. meiii says:

    Hey, I have a MP520 and ive already searched ur blog and i did find a reset for it. HOWEVER that one did not work, but this one did. However i only get a service mode. but it’s blank. what can i do?


  66. Fz says:

    @meiii, I found a way to reset the canon MP520 here: maybe it solve your problem

  67. monika gadd says:

    I have read all the problems and hope one might solve my Pixma MP160 problem. I put new cartridges in and keep being told the ink absorber is full.

  68. bonnie Largent says:

    Hey, I tried this once and it didnt work. I then reread the directions and tried again, slightly different timing on the hold, press, release etc… and it worked. So my advice is to read it again and try again.

  69. shidu says:

    e22 is my problem on my canon pixma mp160 please give solution

  70. KRS says:

    I have a connon mp 140 printer the fine catridges 830 and 831 after refill when inserted says the ink level is low. I tried holding the reset button and tried your steps bu it wont work. the printer status still showing that the ink level is low. pl help

  71. Binh says:

    Hey, it works !

  72. REHJR says:

    I was scanning Color negatives using MP Navigator and when it finished a scan, it would scan any more. I Scanned a document and it worked fine. After trying some fixes, I reloaded the CD-ROM and tried it, but it still didn’t scan. I keep getting “scan failed” on the screen. Could the scanning bulb be burned out? I don’t want to lose this great machine.

  73. Smurfmeister says:

    Canon MP220 with U163 (and U051, maybe) error code. I’VE FIXED IT.

    First, the instructions on all these forums to get into service mode are slightly wrong. Here’s how to get there:

    With printer off, but connected to power supply:
    1. press+hold resume (orange circle with triangle inside)
    2. press+hold power
    3. whilst holding power, release resume
    4. continue holding power, press resume twice and then release power.

    This puts the printer in service mode.

    Now all the instructions say to press resume 4 times then power to confirm resetting some counter, then power off and on again. I did this a few times, and nothing really came of it. I then turned it back on and it still said ‘U163’.

    I then selected a random document and told it to print. It said something along the lines of being out of ink. Now hold reset for about 5 seconds. You should get a message saying that the ink levels will no longer be monitored or something similar.

    I know this is along the lines of what other people are saying, but it worked for me, whereas 1hr50mins of button pressing everyone else’s way did not. Give it a try, it might work for you!

    It’s probably sheer luck, so good luck to you.

    [notes: OS = vista 64-bit]

  74. ilali musolo tierso til says:

    brothers please i’ve a bad one code of eror to my three printers caon pixma mx300 and mx700 and this code is 5B00 and i don’t know how to reset the inkout

  75. Fz says:

    @ilali musolo tierso til, maybe you interest with this article

  76. Frank says:

    i have canon pixma MP470, i refilled colour and black ink cartridges. after refilling the printer gave me error message U051 and now i can use the printer for printer.
    what shall i do?
    any solution please.

  77. Noushin says:

    Hi guys, I have a canon MP220 and want to use the black ink only since the color one has run out. No matter what I do I get the same message ”the ink is empty”… Its driving me CRAAAAZZZZY, any ideas pleeeeeezzzz????

  78. crue426 says:

    alrity .. tried the button mashing sequence = service mode .. closer examination with a flashlight revealed a #2 pencil erasure stuck to the far right of the white rollers (backside, if you are looking at printer from the front) .. this repair was back to back with a MP530 with a similar jam = a bit of broken jewelry .. the clue was the print carridge WOULD NOT center when printer was opened as if ready to change ink 😉 cheers

  79. White Elephant says:

    hallo everyone
    I bought mp210 and I’m wondering if I can use it with only black-white cartridge ?.Thanks

  80. lee says:

    how do i reset a canon mp210 giving me an error code 2 paper feed error

  81. Albert says:

    Canon MP210 uses only the first ink supply then it will not print ever again, forget buying refills, just trash the printer, trying to get it to print will drive you insane.

  82. Alan says:

    @White Elephant,

    WinXP Pro
    Click “Start”
    Printers and faxes
    Right click MP210
    Ink Cartridge Settings
    Select “Black only” or “Color Only”
    Click “OK”


  83. leon says:

    Is there any way i can reset the MP198 CL41 cartridge when it says it cant be recognized?

  84. john Bowen says:

    I nhave a Canon ip3500. I had a 5200 error code and I fixed that. The print heads may be in wrong position. I have tried moving the print heads to the far right by moving their ghear belt to the left.
    I now have a five flash yellow light code. can anyone tell me what that is and a possible fix?

  85. Steve says:

    It worked no problemo!

  86. Cheryl says:


    Can someone please help i have a canon pixma mp220 and it wont let me scan keeps saying error message 2,114,0
    tells me printer maintenance is in progress and to
    wait for it to finish but never finishes

    Can anyone help

  87. srinivas says:

    sir am having cannon mp140 series printer i refilled catrigde & also reset the button the error is colour catrige can’t be recognise what i can do….

  88. dinesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    hvg canon all in one, model MP228 and on initiallising scanning , getting error code 2,120,0 ( printer initiallising )with red cross.thereafter getting msg, printer maintanance is in progree, try after completion.
    pls reply with better solution. many thanks..dinesh

  89. david says:

    paper jammed and therese no paper how to fix this problem and i just got my canon printer

  90. Marc says:

    New solution to reset the ink level for Canon MX300. also works for MP220

    I tried everything but nothing works…
    Until I tried this:

    1. Disconnect the power cable
    2. Connect it while holding down the power button
    3. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button
    4. Release the power button
    5. The printes turns into a kind of factory mode…(wait for about 10 seconds, utils it says “Idle”)
    6. Press the “>” (next to the “OK” button) once.”Shipping Mode 3″
    7. Press the “OK” button.
    8. Press “OK” again for “Without cleaning”
    9. A test page will print..
    10. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
    11. Disconnect the power cable again.
    12. Take out both cartridges.
    13. Close the cover.
    14. Connect the power cable once again.
    15. Turn the printer on.
    16. Now just put the cartridges back…

    It works right for me…

  91. Gerry says:


    Thank you very much mate this worked fantastic for my MP220.

    Brilliant job again thank you 🙂

  92. Shehzad says:

    Hi , I have a canon MP220 and want to use only the black ink and not the colour one. Is that possible?

  93. Mago says:

    hello. I have a canon MP210. i want black ink to print and select it on an off so that i can go back to color if i wish. how can i do that??

  94. Marck says:


    I have a canon MP210, today I refill it and works very good. So guys don’t trash it, u can do yours job with this printer (multifunct.) 🙂

  95. alex says:

    i have a MP160. The paper would not go down to print. Anybody know what the problem could possiby be. Thanks.

  96. paulina says:

    Marc your “New solution to reset the ink level for Canon MX300. also works for MP220” is just genius!!!!! I have tried everything with my mp220 without any results till I found this and now it is working just like that- brilliant!!! THANK YOU!!

  97. Nicole says:

    I have the PIXMA 300 and I’m stuck on idle..when I try to hit the button next to OK nothing shows up…help.

  98. LM says:

    mp 830 worked fine last night, now won’t power up. plugging and unplugging as was suggested in several places won’t work. Any other ideas?

  99. infus printer says:

    I’ve try the method for canon mp210, and it’s really work, thanks a lot

  100. Sean says:

    Hey thanks for this post it is very helpfull to me as i have just setup a blog about printers here Wireless Printers

  101. mast3rf0x says:

    I’ve worked a lot to found a combination to resetting Canon Pixma Mp140. Even if i’m unable to get rid of errors, I found a lot of Service Menu never listed (so I think). I’ve write a guide on this page if you want to read it.
    Thank you.

  102. Russell Yeoell says:

    I am using compatible cartridges in my MP550 but whenever I go to print I get a message saying that the cartridge is incompatible. If I switch off and on it will print a few times but after a while the message comes back. Can this be resolved?

  103. mohsen says:

    how to reset Canon mp600 Printer cartridges chip ?

  104. Faris George says:

    Hi, can any one tell me how to reset Canon MP240? Any MPtool for it? I tried the same procedure for Canon Pixma MP210 but it didn’t work.Thanks.

  105. cipi says:

    pt canon mx 300 o metoda de reset cartuse ?

  106. Boss says:

    Did not work for MP470. I never use these stupid Canon printers once again in my life.

  107. Exxy says:

    Whenever I try to print photos/ colour I am getting lines across the page. Can anyone help please?

  108. Sorbonne says:

    Error code 6A00 for MP960.
    Turn off power. Manually slide ink unit all the way to the left. Use a flashlight to look at the bottom right side where the ink unit usually hides. Use a pen or a small screwdriver to (prod a little in that area) that bottom. In my case by prodding around, something that apparently was stuck, became unstuck. I’m not technical at all. This is the best I can do describing the operation.
    When you’re done, close cover and power up.

  109. Fz says:

    @Sorbonne, Thank you for the info

  110. tex says:

    the info worked great for my MP470 canon printer . my ink tank now shows full on my generic ink. Thank You

  111. Tux says:

    Canon MP 220 require to hold triangle in circle for 5 seconds until LED goes off.

  112. Waseq says:

    none of that worked for MP140. However there is a way.
    My printer showed E5 after a refill.
    Soulution was to press black and red button simultaniously for 5 seconds.

  113. JFlanders says:

    Works great, Thank you! I was getting very frustrated but this took care of it.

  114. BBalu says:

    Hi Guys,
    with the Canon MP470

    “# Wait until “Without Cleaning” is displayed and then presss the Stop/Reset button once.”

    I did so, but no test page!

    I can get a test page if press OK button….

    So, it’s not working for me 🙁
    Is there any other solution?

    Many Thanks

  115. kyaw says:

    how to reset mp228 ink level?

  116. bontistic says:


    I am trying to change the destination settings of my Canon MP810 from Japan to US or what ever Philippines is using. I found some procedure to change to EURO which needs 4x press of the Stop/Reset button. Would like to know how many times do I need to press the Stop/Reset for US or Philippines?

    1x press = ?
    2x press = ?
    3x press = ?
    4x press = EURO
    5x press = ?
    ?x press = go back to 1x press

    Would appreciate anyone’s inputs on the ? above. Thanks!!!

  117. chris says:

    what about my fax
    is CANON FAX-JX210P
    I have try everything is there any way to reset it
    thank you in advance

  118. Burton says:


    Using refilled ink and Got “Check Ink U051 BLK COL” problem.
    Cannot print or scan.

    I followed the step 1-4 and got into “Service Mode” with the yellow LED flashing 5 times, rest, 5 times, rest etc.

    Step 5 of pressing reset button (red circle triangle) four times did nothing nor has holding the reset button more more than 30 seconds did anything.

    How to reset MP220?


  119. edward casavant says:

    ive tried to follow the step for reseting my mp210 but have not had any success. The step listed is allittle confusing.

    Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP210 and Canon Pixma MP220

    1. Start with printer off
    2. Press and hold resume Button (triangle in the circle) and click “Power” button. green led should be on

    (does this refer to the stop/reset button) and when i click the power button do i hold it down or just turn on my printer

    3. hold the Power button, release Resume Button. (now if i released the power button like in step two then do step three the power button will turn off my printer)

    4. Without releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” button and then release Both Buttons. (now here my printer is now off so i am to hit my stop/reset button and release both buttons do they have to be at the same time when released)

    5. Click “Resume” for four times then click “Power” button, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber).

    6. Turn off the printer and turn on again

  120. alejandross says:

    nooooooooooo he intentado de todo y el errror 5b00 en mi canonmp 220 no desaparese

    Translated: nooooooooooo I’ve tried everything and the error 5b00 on my canon mp 220not desaparese

  121. Nestle says:

    AWESOME, Works on MP560! Just saved me a ton! GREAT ADVICE THANKS!

  122. Fechner says:

    Resetanleitung für Drucker Canon PIXMA MP 600

  123. Lily says:

    HELP!! I have a Canon MP210 connected to a Mac OSX Version 10.5.8. When first connected the printer worked. Slowly over a year I began to have problems. The printer would “stall”, just refuse to print or spit out blank sheets. Next was no information: no job showed in print queue and often the printer would print page after page of a job I wanted to cancel. Tried: 1)resetting (using directions found online); 2)unplugging printer and reconnecting; and 3)restarting the computer. In desperation tonight I went to the Canon site and loaded a new driver (not even sure it’s the correct one, but couldn’t find the original disc). Now the print job is actually showing in the queue, but still–no printing. A few blank sheets sort of coughed their way out. I’m afraid I have no expertise in this area, don’t have the finances for repairs and have no one to help. Any assistance would be so appreciated!!

  124. Geoff says:

    Reset Ink Level Canon MP470

    This one works have used it about 20 times no problems at all

  125. jimbob says:

    how do you reset the ink .levels for a canon mp272?

  126. tanner says:

    I have a Canon Pixma PM 520 and it is printing blank sheets.
    Please help me.

  127. Nathan says:

    Tried doing what you said for the MP220 with no success. Am going to another website to find the answer.

    Not your fault, what a stupid thing Canon have done!

  128. malin says:

    THANKS A BUNCH 🙂 i had the mp460, and i was STRESSING OUT! Then i found your post and yay! thanks 🙂

  129. stehr says:

    Who the hell invented this?
    I’m trying on MP210, and it is hell not working…
    but, yes, after a vew try it is working.

  130. printer resetter says:

    I try to collect the software printer resetter for my work in Printing shop…Great!!

  131. Bob says:

    I attempted to print a page, it came out blank. I tried another page and nothing happended. Checked my MP510 and it was off, as in no power. Won’t come on. Is it dead or can I reset. The button that says stop/reset will not work because there is no power in the unit. Can you advise me as to what to do.

  132. Luis Díaz says:

    If you have a blank page, is for a burn fuse in the circuit board; as close as the flex cable for the ink cartidge. Just solder an wire in the fuse mark “F1” o “F2”. Excuse my poor english.

  133. timi200478 says:

    Hi there. does anybody have an idea, how to reset a canon mp550. it always says the yellow cartridge can not be used. no matter if it´s full or empty. i´m not using the original cartridge, can the chip be broken, can the counter be resetted??? I´ve tried some few things, but now i´m running out of ideas. i hope anybody can help me. Thanks and greetings….. Timi200478

  134. Kirsten says:

    TIll now its not working Mp210

  135. lorraine says:

    i have tried ur solution for canon mp460 but it sticks on factory mode 1 idle isnt coming up

  136. Rosemary says:

    Have tried your solution to get the Canon MP220 printer going again but it still says check ink – unknown. Can you help. I think I did everything your website told me to do.

  137. Frank Pinto says:

    how to reset Cannon immageclass D1120 to factory mode.

  138. DEXSTA says:

    Can any1 help me on how to reset my canon mp480, or reset the ink level, It would help me so much, This piece of shit is really getting on my nerves. Thanks!

  139. chris says:

    My mp180 burns – fries the chip of the cartrige!!!

    smoke comes out and the chip is fried !!

    (scanner error , check printer ) error messages appear and i can’t do anything! not even resetting works !!

    Any ideaz?


  140. aaa says:

    i have canon Mp210 and its not working. what should i do? i followed the steps but its no use

  141. khed says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. I found it helpful. Good job.

  142. garry smith says:

    Hey, worked great on my MP610 Canon ok !!!!!!!!!!

  143. Foxana says:

    @Smurfmeister – that worked for my MP210i too. It didn’t want to scan anymore and was giving me the 6 error code and the color ink led was blinking. It seemed a bit stupid to me to have a multifunctional that stops scanning when it’s our of color ink.

  144. in says:

    (google trad)

    hello, I have a problem : I erased my mp210 eeprom with mptool (mptool/erase). Is there someone who can give me the eeprom bin for mp210 (mptoll / read) ?
    thank you

  145. Philippe says:

    Thanks a lot for your tricks and website !!
    I had my mp470 stuck and in less than five minutes it was repaired.
    The bad thing is that I spend one more 10$ ink refill before checking with your website 🙁
    Now I favorited it.

    One suggestion for 2012: could the forum be organized with a wiki ? It would help take only the tricks and the forum would help people talk together.

  146. Ashley says:

    You are awesome!! Thanks so much! So helpful and now I can print in just black if I need to!

  147. Steve says:

    Thanks! Worked great with MP220.

  148. Duane Lamers says:

    I have a Canon MP210 printer. We do very little printing, but I have to replace the color cartridge at least 2:1 to the black cartridge. We seldom have need to print out anything in color. How can I get the printer to automatically print everything in B/W unless I instruct it to print color?

    If you can, please contact me directly at kglamers(at) I am afraid that I’ll not keep track of your website and will fail to find your answer–or even forget to look for it! Yeah, it’s that bad!

  149. Alpham4le says:

    I have a MP210. I have tried all your tricks to get it to recognise a refilled cartridge but none of them worked- sorry!! How I overcame it was to bite the bullet and buy new (reset) cartridges. The secret is, never remove them again!! You have to refill them in situ. The only problem is that the pink well is covered by the plastic frame.
    Before you install them, drill a 1/16″ (1 1/2mm) holes in the ink well spots. Turn off the power, making sure that the cartridges are in their park position – far right. and then using a knife or saw ( I used a hot solder iron to melt the plastic ) cut a 1/4″ slot in the coloured cartridge’s install position right up to where the white “C” spot is. This will allow you to access the pink well with your refill needle. Keep an eye on the printing quality and refill before they get empty. Good luck.

  150. simon says:

    MP220 is easy to sort after refilling your colour ect.

    try printing a random page until the error ( cancel print shows up) then
    just hold down the resume button for 5 seconds ( button with the triangle in the circle) until unknown ink volume appears.
    DONE ! it should start working again.
    Enjoy !

  151. AJ says:

    I have a MP530, it’s the second canon which i’ve owned since i worked with canon, love them. (also have a mx700) I have a problem with the mp530, when it’s turned on it flashes that alarm button and the copy button as well. it never has done anything else and won’t work at all, i’ve also replaced all 5 inks, the window displays “scanner error” and you’ve got no other response and after trying all i could find… i would really appreciate any and all help that you all could provide. i’ve recommended and sold canon printers and still will, this tho is very frustrating and i’ve been working on peripherals for about 20 years. thanks again for all your help.

  152. jack says:

    Still helpfull in 2012. Thnx!!

  153. D K SINGH says:


  154. StevenB says:

    my advice is to not buy another canon printer. And in future always buy genuine cartridges, as the reconditioned ones are a false economy. i’ve had it with my mp220. u051 code won’t go away, and it didn’t work on my windows 7 laptop anyway. A pile of cack, all in all.

  155. lucille says:

    what canon printer takes the same ink cartridges as the mp220

  156. lucille says:

    tried to reset printer after ink absorber cleaned dont work now have error code 5B00 WHAT NOW

  157. SaaB ThE DragoN says:


    1) With the machine power turned off, while pressing the Stop/Reset button, press and hold the ON/OFF button. (DO NOT release the buttons). The Power LED lights in
    green (MP810) or blue (MP960) to indicate that a function is selectable.
    2) While holding the ON/OFF button,release the Stop/Reset button. (DO NOT release the ON/OFF button.)
    3) While holding the ON/OFF button, press the Stop/Reset button 2 times, and then release both the ON/OFF and Stop/Reset buttons. (Each time the Stop/Reset button is
    pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green (MP810) or blue (MP960), starting with Alarm LED.)
    4) When the Power LED lights in green (MP810) or blue (MP960)(and “CANON Idle” is displayed on the LCD), press the Stop/Resetbutton the specified number of
    time(s) according to the function listed inthe table below, then press the ON/OFF button. (Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light
    alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green (MP810) or blue (MP960) , starting with Alarm LED.)

    Reset the ink absorber counter (to 0%) when the ink absorber isreplaced, or when necessary after the logic board is replaced.
    1) In the service mode, press the Stop/Reset button 4 times, thenpress the ON/OFF button. The ink absorber counter value of the EEPROM is reset to 0%

  158. :( says:

    i hate canon mp 210 never by canon give me back many i hope you all gona die.

  159. mae garcia says:

    gud day how to resett canon printers like mp810 mp210, will help me a lot.pls give a hint.

  160. ayad says:

    Resetter Canon Pixma MP280 <<<< i very wanted

  161. Nero says:

    Am having issues with my Canon Printer MPX 210, When i feed papers it will not carry single one out of the papers and i have tried decoupling it and yet i found nothing…don’t know what could be the problem again…please help me if you know what i can do to fix it, am in need to make use of the printer. Thanks


  • Installing an unofficial ink cartridge refill into Canon MP460 « O YAY

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