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Review: Folder Protector


If you store much private information in your hard drive or portable drives and you don’t want others to touch the contents in it, one of the powerful ways to protect your sensitive files and folders is encryption software. On the recommendation of one of my friends, I downloaded Kakasoft Folder Protector and found it’s the very program I need. This program attracts me with a bright and user friendly interface, it seems that I can encrypt the folders without any guidance, and I did that indeed.

Review - Folder Protector from Kakasoft

This program requires no installation, just copy the “Lockdir.exe” to a folder or a drive, and run it. Choose target folder, twice input password, of course, I never forget to set password hint and the email address to help me remember and retrieve password.

I tested this program with a folder of files including docs, videos, PDFs, txt, zip that is totally 5.21GB in size. The encryption was completed in seconds and the decryption was also fast. After encryption, all files in the folder were hidden and only a “lockdir.exe” exists in the folder. Double click the “lockdir.exe”, in the decryption widow, the program allows the user to unprotect the folder, temporary open the folder and open the folder in virtual drive without extracting the files out.

The new feature added in Kakasoft Folder Protector is restore center which can help users to retrieve password if they don’t set recovery email before protection. Restore center is only useful for the protected folder with “Normal” security, and this function can only be available for registered user. In addition, Kakasoft Folder Protector has a built in help HTML with text tutorial, video tutorial, and FAQ in it. If more help is needed, you can contact them via email to get tech support or you can enter their official website to consult the customer service rep via on-line chat. You can also search how-to’s on their websites.

There is another function I must introduce, for this it’s really convenient and useful for people who have a short memory. In “setting” window, there’s a “Search” tab. If you forget where your protected folder is, you can search it in every drive. It’s an amazing feature, isn’t it?

Review - Folder Protector from Kakasoft 2

Kakasoft Folder Protector is easy-to-use encryption software. After copying “lockdir.exe” into the folder, you can password protect the folder in seconds. While, this program also has a shortcoming that when you want to protect a number of folders, you have to protect the folders one by one and repeat the steps again and again, it’s annoying, right? And for those who like to try before you buy, the trial version of Kakasoft Folder Protector is free for lifetime, but the pro version will be more attractive. The advanced 256-bit AES encryption is only available to registered user. If you forget your password, and you didn’t set recovery email before you protected the folder, you can never get back your files in the protected folder unless you are a registered user. And above all, you won’t be annoyed by the trial reminder every time when you want to open the protected folder. Other than these small annoyances, the program worked as expected. In short, Folder Protector is a user friendly program with lots of bells and whistles that fulfills its purpose: privacy.

If you are interested in it, you can visit here.

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