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Review: Partition Manager Personal Edition


Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) that created by Paragon have the primary function like Create, Edit, Format, Resize, and Merge Partition. However, as a paid application, providing a more feature PMPE either in terms of hard disk partition management.

PMPE advantage lies in its ability to resize a partition without destroying data, run multiple operating systems, copying partitions to stoke up the hard disk, solve problems, change the boot file system, and other complex operations.

In detail, you will see featured Undelete Partition which will restore partition to reconditioning. There is also a choice of Boot Management menu. In this menu, there are two options: Boot Manager that will make the parameters of the operating system that will be displayed with the install New OS option to install the new operating system.

Review - Partition Manager Personal Edition

If you want to use some operating systems together, trying to make featured Boot Manager. Here, there will be a guide for installing the OS even though it is in Windows. Mac OS users also got attention. PMPE provides menu options Mac Related Operations. In it there is a function to separate the partitions and free space for those of you who want to use these two operating systems between Mac OS and Windows.

To display a more complete function, you can use Partition Manager menu. From here would seem the whole hard disk and partition an existing shortcut keys to run the function. Besides being able to identify the format of the FAT and NTFS partitions, partition Linux also supported includes Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, and reiserFS. Similarly, with a partition for Mac OS that Apple HFS.

With the feature that is more complete than similar applications for free. Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) quite interesting for those who want to do the management of several operating systems on one computer.

Installation guide some partition and the operating system; support some file Windows Systems, Mac OS, and Linux. Boot Management feature can restore partition to reconditioning.

Some feature is not active in trial version.

You can download and start to use trial version here

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