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Save on Your Accident Insurance with Pass Plus


Of the myriad ways and methods auto owners use to gain discounts on their required accident insurance, there are those which require a significant amount of effort and work on the part of the driver, and those which are fairly simple to accomplish. Drivers may cling to their clean driving record and benefit by receiving a no claims bonus, or drivers may eliminate all of their insurance coverage but the absolute legal minimums, in order to save a few pounds per month.

However, there is one more route to take which many drivers may not even be aware of, but which will be beneficial in saving you a little expense on your monthly premium. Additionally, this is a discount that is not easily removed or lost, unlike savings such as the no claims bonus which are removed or kicked down a few notches in the event that you are in an accident.

Save on Your Accident Insurance with Pass Plus

Enter the advent of Pass Plus, a governmentally instituted practical training course that can be completed at any time in your life as a driver. Once you have completed the programme, you will likely be eligible for a significant discount on your monthly insurance premium. This small chunk of savings will add up over a lifetime of insurance payments, and will eventually be quite a large nest egg of savings if you put the money aside into an investment or other savings account.

How Pass Plus Can Work For You

Whether you are a youth who has just completed the necessary steps to get their first motorist’s license, or whether you have been driving for a decade and are simply looking for ways to cut costs on your monthly insurance bill, Pass Plus can benefit you. The six hour course takes only a day of your time and is taught by a qualified instructor who will aid you in your quests both to become a safer driver and save money. Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) throughout the UK are responsible for teaching Pass Plus courses every day of the week. Although the course may cost you a small fee, depending on your location and other factors, you may be eligible for a discounted course fee through your local office.

The Pass Plus training emphasizes safe and defensive driving in a plethora of different driving conditions, including poor or dangerous weather, traffic heavy motorway situations, near accident scenarios, dual carriageways and night driving. You will not be formally tested on paper or in a specified driving course, but you will be assessed through your practical driving skills by your instructor on each module of the course.

How to Get Your Pass Plus Discount

Once you have completed the course and received your certificate, you will then contact your insurer to see what discount they offer to those who have finished Pass Plus training. Some insurers offer the discount for a year, or two years, and some insurers offer it for longer periods of time. The range and quantity of the discount will largely depend on your other circumstances as a driver, such as your accident record, age, and the discounts that you already have applied to your premium.

Most insurers offer a Pass Plus discount that is between 5%-30% off your total premium costs, depending on the starting price of your insurance. Often, the Pass Plus discount is equivalent or approximately the same as the no claims bonus, but just targeted towards younger, less experienced drivers who are just getting started on their career as a motorist and who are taking out insurance policies for the first time.

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