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Simple Data Recovery Tips for Better Hard Drive Disaster Management


You need to conduct data recovery in order to prevent permanent loss of data. If your hard drive is making grinding, clicking or whirring sounds, you should immediately shut down the drive or your entire computer. The sounds might be made by the write/read heads scraping and hitting the hard disk platters and if it remains unchecked, it could lead to complete and severe loss of data. In case the data on your drive happens to be important, you can opt for a reliable data recovery Ottawa firm that can recover data from the physically damaged or mechanically failed drives.

Simple Data Recovery Tips for Better Hard Drive Disaster Management

Why seek professional data recovery help?

It is important to bear in mind that even the simplest data recovery attempts might cause permanent data and render it unrecoverable if you attempt to do it yourself rather than seek professional help. It is best if you avoid any kind of home remedies or other solutions you might have read about on the Internet. Some of the worst ones include placing a non-spinning hard drive inside the freezer or hitting a drive on its side. Not only can this cause permanent damage to the disk but it can even lead to the permanent loss of data. You should understand that a lot of the information that you find on tech tutorial websites happens to be totally inaccurate and though some users tend to claim successes with it, these suggestions are actually capable of harming the device and may lead to total data loss. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to gamble with any data that you consider irrecoverable. You need to understand that the first recovery attempt after your disk drive stops working always happens to be the best recovery attempt. This is the reason why you need to search for professional help the moment your drive stops working instead of trying to fix it yourself since they are experts in the field and use only the safest methods available to make sure that no data gets lost from the repeated attempts at recovery.

Immediate steps for data recovery:

  • It is important to back up the important data present on your drive at once, if possible.
  • Data recovery software must never be used if the hard drive starts to make a scraping, clicking, humming or tapping noise.
  • It is never wise to power up a device that has sustained extensive physical damage or is constantly making weird noises.
  • You should turn off your computer immediately in order to prevent any sort of excess damage to your drive and the data stored within.
  • You should never try to carry out recovery of your data if the drive has sustained severe trauma, such as being dropped or getting wet etc.
  • In case you have lost any kind of critical data, professional services can actually help you recover your lost data through safe and secure options.
  • You should never assume that the data is unrecoverable.
  • It is best to pick a service that has lots of experience in the field of data recovery and has successfully saved data from thousands of drives with extreme logical and physical damage.

Prevention of further data loss

It is necessary for all users to adopt different strategies to ensure critical information remains protected from loss and corruption:

  1. You should never upgrade your computer to a new version of an Operating System without first having a verified backup.
  2. Make it a point to always use updated software as well as software utilities for the purpose of data security, like virus protection and firewalls.
  3. You should scan all the incoming data like websites, emails and downloads in order to root out all malware and viruses.
  4. The computers must always remain connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect against power surges.
  5. You need to avoid static discharge when handling or touching any storage media, especially in environments that are excessively dry.

Best data backup tactics

You need to invest in redundant systems for backup. A direct attached backup device can be used for your computer along with a cloud-based setup or additional network. You have to periodically test the backup of your computer by restoring some files and then verifying the data. You have to establish a structured daily backup procedure which will make copies of all the critical data files.

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