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Simple Tips n Tricks Searching information use Google Web


At this time maybe google is most popular search engine in the internet, every day millions of user use google web to search information in the internet. To search an information use google web you only require to typing “keyword” and google will present information related to the keyword. So the result of searching can more effective, there are syntax can be used to search information use google.

Following syntaxyang can be used for more effective seeking :

  • Searching information focus in one domain

To search information in one domain the syntax as following :

Keyword site:domain

For example you wish to search article using keyword “resetter epson C90” in the somain You can type in search engine google :

resetter epson C90

  • Searching file with selected format

We can search a file in internet use google web. Syntax to search a file use google is :

Keyword filetype:xxx

For example you will search a doc (ms word document) file with keyword “tip n trick for windows vista”, typing :

tip n trick for windows vista filetype:doc

  • Searching definition a term.

You is for example don’t know definition a term. You can use web google to search definition a term use syntax :


For example you wish to know definition “marketing”, you is typing of word following in the google web.


  • Searching information of Movie/Film

if you very take a fancy to movie, this facility is you can use to search information a movie. For example you wish to search information film “Narnia”. Typing syntax following at search engine google.


Above syntak is some of syntax can be used in the search engine google. The Syntax can be joined for more effective searching.

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