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Six Ways To Build The Visibility Your Blog Needs


As a blogger, there’s nothing more depressing than the feeling of writing in a vacuum. Of seeing no-one paying attention to you. It can be the death knell for the ambitions of many. Or it can be a challenge that you overcome. In this article, we’re going to help you approach it as the latter. We’re going to tell you how to get the kind of visibility for your blog that you’ve always wanted.

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Pair with strong social media

If you’re online, you’re going to need social media. There’s no question about it. It’s the perfect platform for building your audience. For sharing the content that you write, as well as sharing others. It gives you the space to communicate directly with your fans and would-be fans. Determine your target audience and where you’re most likely to reach them. Then find ways into the shared spaces and start throwing your content out there.

Make sure they can find you

It’s not just about making noise, either. It’s about making sure you’re there for the people who want to find you. If you’re writing on, say, German Expressionist movies. You want people to see your site amongst the first when they look for ‘German Expressionist movie blogs’. In that regard, an SEO company can help. Not only through keywords, but the actual content you write, too.

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Get involved in the community

It’s not just about how you communicate either. Blogging is about sharing and sharing has to be a two-way street. You want more than an audience; you want a community. Which means you need to participate. You need to reply to those who comment. You need to visit other bloggers and become fans of them. You need to get involved in trends. Give people a reason to form a community around you. Be a part of that community.

Find the right voice for you

It might be that you need to work on the content you’re writing as well. Perhaps it might particularly be how you’re writing. People will infer a lot and base likes and dislikes on the personality that comes out through the content. You want to be genuine, so find the voice that actually fits you and gain the audience that suits you.

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Make sure your content has value

More than your voice, you need to make sure that the very content itself, at its core, works. Does it have value to the reader? What does it do for them? Think of that before you get writing anything. Make sure it’s helpful, entertaining or even educational. Just make sure the audience has a reason to read it.

Pay attention to the results

Then make sure that you actually know whether it’s working or not. See whether people are reading it, not just commenting. Make use of things like analytics to get a better idea of what works, of how many people read your work and where they read it from. It can help you divine not only what kind of content to focus more on. It can help you find the best ways to share that content in future.


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