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Smartpixel – Windows Screen Recorder and Video Editor Review


Smartpixel is a windows screen recorder and video editor 2 in 1 program mainly used for YouTube videos. It can be widely used for tutorial making, game recording, webcam recording, home video recording as well as YouTube video editing and photo slide show making.

As a tutorial video maker, Smartpixel captures every details on the desktop screen, including the movement of the mouse, besides, it could also capture the webcam as well as the microphone, the speaker demonstrates the operation process step by step in front of the webcam, users could follow the tutorial video more easily which makes the video more interactive and practical.

Smartpixel - Windows Screen Recorder and Video Editor Review

As a PC game video recorder, Smartpixel integrated with D3D recording technologies which helps 1080P high definition video capturing quality drastically enhanced, meanwhile, considerably less pc sources consumed throughout screen recording. Smartpixel could compatible with all the popular PC games such as WOW, Minecraft, LOL, BF, Runnescape, COD, DOTA etc. The gamer could use it easily record the game video tutorials, highlights, tricks as well as the breakthroughs to share online.

Besides the screen capture feature, Smartpixel used widely to capture the webcam video at home. It has a Karaoke mode which could help people record home music videos by add lyrics and remove the original voice. In the webcam videos, different video effects and photos can be inserted to decorate the video. In addition, it could also help people to capture skype video chat.

Once the video captured, it can be easily imported into Smartpixel video editing software to cut, merge, trim as well as add transitions. People also could import video from local PC or other devices with WAV, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG and other formats. There are many video effects in Smartpixel software, user could free add background musics, audios, photos, subtitles as well as various video effects into the video. Besides, Smartpixel video editor also offer features to speed up and slow down the video, user could even dub and scribble in the video.

We may have many family photos or friends photos that we might need a photo slide show maker to create an electronic album, it can be easily done in Smartpixel software. All we need is to import those photos into Smartpixel and follow the same way as we edit the videos to add musics, subtitles, video effects to help us recall those wonderful times.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use, user could make videos in a few minutes;
  • Customize resolutions from 360P to 1080P HD, the frame rates and recording brightness can be also adjusted flexibly;
  • PIP mode allows user record the webcam as well as the microphone simultaneously;
  • FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other general YouTube video formats supported;

In short, Smartpixel software is the screen capture tool, webcam recording tool, video editing tool as well as photo slide show making tool all in one program for PC. It is one of the best easy to use Windows screen capturing software and video editing software for YouTube videos. With all these easy to use features, you may thought it is expensive, on the contrary, you can free to try all the video capturing editing features in the short YouTube videos, the only difference between the free version and the paid version is the watermark and the recording editing time. To make it more clear, the free version has Smartpixel watermark, user could only record 10 minutes video and edit 5 minutes video. If the videos in your YouTube channel less than 5 minutes and you do not mind the watermark, you could use it for free.

Smartpixel screen recorder and video editor software review

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