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Giveaway: Social Media Sharing Plugin Gets Fresh Look At Monarch


Sharing your social media accounts through your WordPress page has become a common thing nowadays. Afterall, everyone who enjoys good read would love to get in touch with the writer. Previously, you might only rely on social media plugins provided in WordPress. Even though it has the same purpose and represents the same information, the plain looking plugins surely give such boring look into your WordPress page. Then, should you stick with those bored-looking plugins? Well, there are tons of attractive and interactive plugins made for social media sharing out there. Do you still need to rely on WordPress with the risk of losing your avid readers?

Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin

News On Monarch’s New Social Sharing Plugins

Information on new plugins release is valuable as it can bring the best look into your WordPress page. Monarch launching new social sharing plugins is something that you can find on the news. The sneak peek has been on the news in the last couple of weeks. It seems like Monarch tries to bring something new to social sharing plugins. It’s no longer some bored looking plugins holding information to your social media accounts. Well, Monarch still presents the same information, but in a new different way. It’s no longer some plain sticky bar information on your WordPress page. The company brings creative challenge in presenting the information, making it as unique as possible, so it will be able to attract reader to grab the information and make a visit to your social media accounts. You can get the latest news on this new plugins here, Complete information will help you to get the best ones for your page.

Colorful Images Coming From Creative Minds

Creativity makes the main key here. Afterall, Monarch has shown such huge attention on how creativity rules today’s world. Well, it’s true that over the internet everything will strongly based on how creative can you present the information. Fresh ideas bring in lots of benefits in today’s society. So, why don’t you just join in and take in this creative process into your WordPress page. Monarch hasn’t released its latest plugins yet, but rumours has it that this new plugins has fresh colorful design. It’s such a great news for those who are tired looking at such plain and boring social sharing plugins. Afterall, some colors in your WordPress page will make it more beautiful in the eyes. With these little colorful sticky bar on your page, your readers will find it as beautiful addition to your page. Those colors are also eye-catching, showing exactly where people can get connected to you, directly. Who knows that you will gain followers or friends in your social media?

Behind The Colorful Design

Other than creative design that draws attention, Monarch also has great concern on user’ comfort. Any WordPress user knows about dealing with plugins installation. Although you can find manual, guidelines, or anything to help you installing new plugins into your WordPress page, you will certainly choose a different plugins if you find it involves such complicated process. Ensuring comfort for user, which also becomes another interesting part from this company, Monarch applies such simplicity on its plugins installation. You won’t have to deal with those complicated steps anymore. In fact, Monarch guarantees you to have such pleasant experience in installing and using it. Monarch dashboard is designed to give a whole new experience in adding icons into your page. Does this sneak peek bring up your interest on Monarch’s upcoming plugins? Check out Monarch gallery at for complete choices of the plugins. Win a chance to get free giveaway Monarch plugins. This may help you to improve the look of your WordPress page and share your thoughts through social media sharing.

The Giveaway of Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin

Giveaway Social Media Sharing Plugin Gets Fresh Look At Monarch

There a good news, the Elegant Themes offers Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin for free for Tricks-Collections users. The giveaway campaign runs just for 2 winners.

Are you interested with this offer? Just post a common now for a chance to win.

How to win and get Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin for free from Elegant Themes:

  1. Like the Facebook Fan Page of Tricks-Collections.Com
  2. Please share this url article to one of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking (Include the detail link in the comment).
  3. Please made a great comment here about Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin and include your email.

Note: I will choose the winner randomly and then Elegant Themes vendor will contact the winner directly.

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3 Responses to “Giveaway: Social Media Sharing Plugin Gets Fresh Look At Monarch”

  1. Fajar Pagi says:

    hello I’ve been Like your page & share this article on Twitter

    I’d like this plugin because fully awesome design & include social media management. I think until now there is no better other than monarchs plugin.

  2. Heather says:

    Hi! The plugin sounds great, and I’d love to try it. I tweeted about your giveaway here:

  3. Ajay says:

    Hi, I love the Monarch plugin functionality. It’s outstanding and don’t need any other social media plugin after this. One of the best plugin forever.

    here is my tweet :

    FB :


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