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Social Media Trends in 2013


If you follow social media at all, you know that 2013 has been a very busy year in many ways. From Facebook experiencing growth in revenue to Twitter having their IPO, a lot has happened in the past twelve months. To help keep you in the loop, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest trends in social media that you need to know about.

Top 2013 Social Media Trends

Here’s a closer look at some of the specific social media trends seen in 2013.

Social Media Trends in 2013

  • Mobile – One of the biggest trends for social media in 2013 was the continued push toward making things specifically for mobile devices. This is likely to continue in 2014 and beyond.
  • Amplifying – One of the big ways that social media networks were used in 2013 had to do with amplifying the effect of content produced for websites. Social media was used to let more people know about quality content on a site.
  • Visual Storytelling – This came a long way in 2013 and will continue to evolve and get better as time goes on. From using still photos to using video along with text and audio, visual storytelling was a big trend seen in 2013.
  • One to One – Rather than one to many one way communication, another big trend in 2013 was people and brands using social media as a way to initiate one to one communication, which is usually more valuable.
  • Social Events – Another way social media was used heavily in 2013 was to promote specific events. Whether it was large conferences or small community gatherings, people used Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ to let others know.
  • Author Rank – One thing that a lot of people in the SEO world have noticed is that Google is now using Author Rank – which is based on a person’s Google+ account. This will become even bigger in 2014, which means social media networks are going to become even more important.
  • Social Advertising – Using sponsored posts continued to grow in 2013. While it wasn’t enough to bring Twitter out of the red financially, there are signs that it will keep growing and be a profitable business for a lot of people. Prices vary across the board, but Facebook and others really allow advertisers narrow down to specific audiences, which is worth more money for most.

By looking at the roundup above, you’re going to be able to see some patterns emerge if you look closely. This can give you a good idea of what’s coming up in 2014 and beyond. Whether you run a website online or just like to keep informed about the wonderful world of social media, the more you know the more accurate predictions you’ll be able to make. If you think we missed any trends in 2013, leave a comment and fill us in. Thanks for participating.

Written by: Brandee Cozucoli knows how to create a website because her boyfriend showed her how to do it. She’s still learning about SEO, but she loves living in Tampa and thinks she’ll be able to figure it out.

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