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Special Search Engine for PDF and Ms Office files


We usually using “filetype syntax” on google to find PDF files or Ms Offile files on internet. To make easier to find PDF, Doc, Xls and PPT files on internet we can use special search engine for these files.  I found two search engine on internet specialist to search PDF, Doc, Xls and PPT files or ebook on internet that is docjax and pdf-search-engine

To use the search engine is easily, We only writing down the keyword on search form. Here the sort review for the both search engine.



DocJax.Com is specialist search engine to find pdf, doc, xls, dan ppt files. DocJax.Com have preview feature to view the file before we download the file.

PDF Search Engine

pdf-search-engine special search engine for PDF file. Unique feature of this search engine, we can convert PDF files in search result to HTML file.

Posted by Fz 3 Responses

3 Responses to “Special Search Engine for PDF and Ms Office files”

  1. forumsglobe says:

    good posting……

  2. Inforonics says:

    I can see many different ways that this site come in handy especially for research purposes.

  3. book master says:

    I can only recommend pdf search engine with more than 250 million books and unique features (convert pdf to text, share books, store PDF files online via PDF box, etc). Enjoy


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