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Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader – Download Videos for Windows Users


Why You Need Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader

Have you ever imagined that when you watch a movie, a music video or a funny short film that you have expected for so long at YouTube or other video websites, but the internet connection is not so good, so you have to click the pause button and wait for the fluent watch? You must feel so sad about it. Then Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader is your good helper. If you are a fan of your favorite singer or band, you love their live concerts very much, even though you have never went to see the converts. You may wish to download their concert videos and collect them to your computer. At this time, undoubtedly, Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader is the tool you need to figure out.

Use Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader to Download Any Video

This Windows Video Downloader is designed for all the Windows PC users who need to download videos on demand. With an intuitive user interface and powerful functions, you are able to freely download any video from all videos sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Break, Dailymotion and more. As long as it is a video watching website, you can always copy the link and paste it to this downloader and wait for watching the gliding videos. To speak of, you can also convert your videos to other formats in order to watch them in different device.

Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader – Download Videos for Windows Users

Key Features of Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader

If you are curious about why people love to use this Windows video download tool to download their loved videos, then we have to admit that it is really a nice software application for them. You might as well read the key features of this Windows video downloader.

1. Download all Videos As Long As You Like

This video downloader is an excellent software application that enables you to download and view all the videos no matter it is online or offline. You can download the videos from the internet and then watch it offline. It is able to help you download any videos from all the video sites, such as the famous YouTube, Vimeo, VideoBash, Ted and any other sharing sites. What’s more, you can even download them in SD, HD, 720p HD, 1080p HD and 4k. The most important is that you can download several videos at the same time, without adding them one by one again and again.

2. Two Patterns to Download Your Videos

There is not only one method to download your favorite videos with this download tool. You can choose the best way for you to do it. The first one is to copy your link and then download it with the paste button. Yes you are right; you just need to paste the link to this downloader. The last one is to visit your video address with the built-in browser in this downloader and then click the downloader button to begin the downloading. It is also convenient, yes? Of course!

3. Simple to Convert Videos to Many Format and Device

When you choose this downloader to download your videos, you have right to convert them in other formats and then watch them in other device. For example, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, M4V, MOV are included. After that, no matter your device is iPhone, iPad, iPod or HTC, Samsung Galaxy, is Apple TV or Kindle, is Lumia or other brands, you can always match them.

4. Downloaded or Local Video Player and Manager

You can treat this software as a video player because you can watch your downloaded videos in this downloader. Furthermore, the local videos in your computer are also allowed to be played with clear resolution ratio. What’s more, you can also manage them, such as get rid of videos you don’t have to watch any more and rename the videos. It’s all about you.

Perhaps Tenorshare Windows Video Downloader is not the best video download tool you have met, but believe it or not, it will be the most convenient tool and always chase to be the best software and make you satisfied. You can contact the customer service or visit the official website ( to get details about the updates and more.

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