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The Best Ways to Get Found on Google


When you run your own business, your key objective is to bring in customers. There are plenty of different ways you can do this. However, one of the main ways is through search engines. Nowadays, most people will find what they want through Google. They’ll type in a search term and be presented with results. They’ll then pick one of the highest results to fulfill their need. Therefore, being found on Google is crucial if you want to build your business. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get found on search engines.

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Choose Your Keywords

There’s no point filling your website with keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. You want to select a few that are meaningful. The ones that will draw in potential customers and clients. Let’s say you’re selling cupcakes in Essex. There’s one keyword phrase right there! Cupcakes in Essex. How about celebration cakes in Essex? London is also nearby, could you use that in your keyword phrases? Use Google’s free tools to do your keyword research. Then, use those within the content of your website. Don’t keyword stuff! Chances are, you’ll end up penalised by Google.

Spread Your Links

If you want to rank higher in search engines, then you need to have a lot of backlinks to your site. And not just any old backlinks. They need to come from high-quality and authoritative websites. They also can’t be breaking any of Google’s rules. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a case of Interflora on your hands. There are plenty of ways to increase the links back to your website, such as guest posting. Social media is playing a bigger part in SEO nowadays. You can also guest post on sites that are relevant to your niche. Directories are another useful backlinking tool. Make sure everything you’re doing is above board. To prevent being removed from Google altogether.


If you want to get found on Google, then one of the best ways is through Pay-Per-Click advertising. In fact, it’s the only guaranteed way you’ll be found for your chosen keywords. As long as you’ve set your campaign up correctly then you could see quite an increase in traffic. It’s worth looking at Google display management companies if you’re unsure how PPC works. Otherwise, you could be ploughing money into something that isn’t going to be effective. Depending on your competition, PPC can be expensive. If you have weak competition in your area, then it’s an extremely cost-effective way of climbing the ranks. Even if it is kind of cheating.

Fresh Content

Google loves websites that are updated with new and useful content, on a regular basis. If you’re keeping your site filled with awesome content, then you’re onto a winner. This doesn’t mean stuff a truckload of nonsensical blog posts into a hidden corner of the site. This means creating content that is unique and engaging. Content people want to share! And again, avoid that keyword stuffing. Not only will Google love you, but your potential customers will too.

These are just some of the many ways you can get found on Google. Search engine optimisation is a tricky technique. But it’s one that can increase your profits tenfold. As long as it’s done right.

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