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The Cities Driving the App Design Revolution


The world of the App is developing rapidly, and every day new Apps are being made available to users. Apps are not just fun items that a person can add to their cell phone – many are also designed to be practical and efficient. One of the trends that is driving the App design revolution is the large number of mobile devices in use. This includes tablets as well as cell phones, and it has encouraged developers to become much more creative with their Apps.

The Cities Driving the App Design Revolution

What are people looking for in an App?

Research has suggested that while many people will use their mobile device to view a website, they are more likely to purchase a product or service through an App. For this reason, many businesses are developing their mobile sites alongside their Apps to ensure that that they work well together. In addition, more companies are happier to invest in App development as the potential returns are strong.

What can the industry expect in the future?

It is widely considered that the use of cell phones to make payments in stores is going to increase and the Apps that make this possible will be further developed, with more Apps being made available. This trend of allowing the cell phone to deal with payments and other things on behalf of the user is set to continue, so users should expect more Apps in this vein. This also applies to Apps that allow the user to more efficiently run their household. People are already able to adjust their central heating with an App, and in the future it is expected that Apps will be available to carry out tasks such as switching the oven on and off.

The use of adaptive and responsive design will increase as this will become something that the user will expect as more and more sites and Apps are developed. It is also expected that the trend for mobile working will see an increase in related Apps. Research has suggested that employees who spend time away from the office are more productive when there are relevant Apps available to help them.

The industry around App design has developed a great deal in recent years as the Apps have become more complex and more task-focused. The right design for an App is essential, particularly for a business, as it could lead to higher sales, new clients and further development of the business. Apps are now being taken more seriously by companies all over the world.

Innovative centers for Apps

While most major cities around the world are home to companies that develop Apps, New York is rapidly staking its claim as one of the leading centers of development and innovation. Other cities such as London do have strong technical sectors but New York is a city that is easily accessible and it is at the heart of the digital revolution. With companies and services such as Worry Free mobile development on hand, the Big Apple has become the city that is clearly leading the way in the App design revolution.

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