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The Generic, the Better, and the Best Way to Change Ringtone


The Generic Way to Change Ringtone

When you buy a new cellphone, there will be a number of generic ringtones that the cellphone has. They will become your cellphone’s default ringtones if you don’t do anything to change those ringtones. Generic ringtones usually sound pleasant yet loud enough to alert you that there is someone who makes a call or sends an SMS text. The manufacturer of the cellphone you are using knows well about how to equip its product with the best ringtones. However, as time goes by and you keep hearing the same ringtones for days, weeks or months, you may become bored with them. You may want to change them with new fresh ringtones that can make your ears feel good when hearing them. You then try to see your collection of favorite songs to choose a song that you will make a new ringtone for your cellphone. When you find one, you will move the digital copy of that song to your cellphone and set it as your new ringtone.

The Generic, the Better, and the Best Way to Change Ringtone

Changing cellphone’s ringtone is an activity that most, if not all, cellphone users can easily do. However, this activity seems very easy if the selected song or sound clip that is used for the new ringtone is not altered before the setup. If you use this easy method to change your ringtone, you will have a full song as your ringtone. Whenever someone calls you, the ringtone will sound from the beginning of the song. If you want to hear the bridge of the refrain part of that song, you have to let the phone ring long enough before answering the call. Of course that can only happens if either your caller or your operator doesn’t cut the call. In a nutshell, if you use the generic way to change your phone’s ringtone, you can hardly get a particular part of your song to be the ringtone of your cellphone.

The Better Way to Change Ringtone

If you only want a particular part of your song to be the ringtone, you should not use the generic method to change ringtone. There are three steps that you have to take to make sure that only a particular part of your song is set to be your phone’s ringtone.

  1. You have to prepare the song that you will make the ringtone.
    You can find various websites that allow you to download ringtones. You can also pick any MP3 files that you store in your computer and prepare one of them to be the ringtone. If you have an audio CD, you can rip it by using any ripping programs that you know so that you can use its content as your ringtone.
  1. After getting the song, you should alter it according to your liking.
    After preparing the song or sound clip, you should start looking for any programs that allow you to trim your song. Trimming is a perfect way to remove a certain portion of a song and to keep a portion that you love the most. There are many programs that you can use. Some of them are proprietary and the others are free. You should be able to search them easily by using search engine.
  1. After you alter the song, move it to your cellphone and set it as your phone’s new ringtone.
    This is the generic way to change ringtone that is explained earlier in this article.

The Best Way to Change Ringtone

The aforementioned second method to change ringtone is better than the first; however, it is not hassle free. The three steps that you have to take require you to do three separate activities, which are considered easy only for particular group of people. If you want the easiest and the best way to change your ringtone, you may need to pay a visit to There, you can accomplish all of those three activities simultaneously through a couple of button presses.

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