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The Next Best thing After GooglePlay – Mobo Market


The largest android app provider on the market is GooglePlay, until now there is no other application that can even measure up to what it can do. But GooglePlay also got limitations, such as it requires connecting your phone to Google account, which doesn’t work in some part of the world. Mobo Market, the next best thing after Google Play, with a clean interface, wide range of resources and well integrated plugin apps to offer users the full package of downloading and managing your android devices with ease.

Mobo Market, one of the highlight products produced by, working in combination with the Moborobo -The All-In-One Smarthphone manager and Mobo Daemon – the bridge between your PC and your smartphone device, truly offers users the control and function that’s needed by smartphone users.

The key highlights of Mobo Market are: Clean and simple user interface; large variety of resources available for download; and well integrated with other Mobo products to offer for control and function.

User Interface

With the limitation of screen size on smartphones, it’s vital to have a clean and simple interface to effectively show off the wide range of resources while keeping the screen presentable, and that is exactly what Mobo Market has done. With a 2 column design with a quick navigation bar on top and bottom of the page, Mob Market offers content and quick access to the most relevant content required by the user.

The Next Best thing After GooglePlay – Mobo Market

Collection of resources

Mobo Market offers not only the most trendy games and apps on the market but also wallpapers and theme for users to download and customize their devices. I don’t think there is much to be said besides that “there will always be something new for you to download”.

Download and manage

One of the key features of Mobo Products is that they offer integration so that you can use each product separately or you can integrate the function of various apps to provide more function and better control. As mentioned before, Mobo Market offers a collection of resources for the users but along with the help of Mobo Daemon and Moborobo, you can manage, transfer, organize, backup and even share the files you have downloaded from Mobo Market.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use Mobo Market to manage your apps, as mentioned before, you can use Mobo Products individually or in composite with each other. Mobo Market itself is not only a download manager but also an app manager allowing you download the latest and most relevant apps as well as organizing your apps on your device. In “General”, you can find an option of “Installed Apps” which you can use to move the apps between internal storage and the SD card, uninstall apps, and find out more details about the apps.

Download and manage


Have you ever wanted to share an app or a game with a friend, but you can only tell them the name of the app? Here is only of the good things with Mobo Market: as long as you have the installation package (which you can set to keep the APK file in “General”) you can share the app/game with WiFi share or even with Bluetooth. On top of that you can also share apps you’re playing with your friends on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter and ask them to join in, but that’s not all, you can also use the internal QR code scanner to download the apps that are offered within the internal download center of Moborobo.



With a clean and simple interface, a collection of resources, as well as a well defined integration with other Mobo Products, Mobo Market is a must-have app for your android. The 3 key features that make Mobo Market stand out from the other market apps are: 1) the clean and simple UI; 2) the wide collection of contents not limited to only apps and games; and 3) the integration of function and control with other Mobo Products.


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