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The Online Shopping Boom: Great News For Online Retailers


It seems that we no longer have to leave the house to buy the things we need. No longer are we confined to buying non-perishable goods online, many households are now choosing to buy all their groceries online, from the essential to the not-so-essential. The evolution of the internet, as well as the development of apps and mobile communications, now allows the consumer much more freedom in how the purchase their goods. This ranges from clothes, music, food, drink and electrical items. The great thing is that as consumers, we now have more choice and with greater choice comes greater buying power. It is much easier to get a better deal online than in store, and comparing stores and product prices is considerably more convenient with the internet.

The great thing for online retailers, or those wishing to set up an online business, is that the internet seems to be the first point of call for consumers. More and more, people are ditching the high street in favour of the internet. While this is fantastic news for e-businesses and retailers, it is slowly turning into the death of the high street. Most town and city centres seem to be losing more and more of their stores. Sadly for the high street, internet shopping growing and not just for the non-essentials. The savvy shopper is surfing the internet for mega deals and deserting the high street even more.

The Online Shopping Boom - Great News For Online Retailers

It is said that the online grocery market is tipped to be the biggest growing sector within the next five years. More consumers are choosing to purchase their food and groceries online. It was reported that there has been a 19.2% growth in online shopping at the beginning of 2014. Online grocery shopping is accelerating at a rapid speed, and while the online market is yet to catch up with its high street counterpart, it is quickly becoming the way for savvy shoppers to purchase their goods.

The key factor for consumers who are purchasing goods online appears to be deals. Consumers can save a great deal more by shopping online. They have access to voucher deals and coupons, as well as deals and multi-buy offers being more easily accessible via the online marketplace. During a time where consumers are being particularly thrifty, it would seem that the average person on the street is after more for their money. And realistically, who can blame them?

Online shopping is slowly becoming the norm. For example, should you shop for Pinot Noir at Jim’s Cellars, an online retailer, you are able to access their deals and offers in a way that is not as accessible in store. Likewise, should the consumer have specific requirements about what it is they intend to purchase, for example ‘pinot noir’, then this can be done with a simple search or click. The appeal to consumers, it seems, is accessibility and ease of access, as well as prices and deals.

It seems that should you want to grab a bargain, be kept in the loop of great offers and not get drastically left behind, you should turn to the internet for all your shopping needs.

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