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The Pros and Cons of PPC Advertising


Pay-per-click advertising gives a lot of advantages to both advertisers and publishers. For the former, this advertising campaign is an instant way to reach the first Google’s search result page. For the latter, it is a perfect means to keep money flowing to their bank account. There are numerous top PPC ad networks that both advertisers and publishers can benefit from, such as Media Net, a joint venture organized by Yahoo and Microsoft; Chitika, which is recommended by Yahoo after the demise of its Yahoo Publisher Network; and other less popular networks that become favorite choices for publishers escaping from or driven out by Google, including Vibrant Media, Bidvertiser, and Clicksor. However, the undisputed king in this advertising sector is still Google, with its two powerful PPC systems: AdSense and AdWord.

The Pros and Cons of PPC Advertising

Although PPC strategy indeed gives many advantages, it also poses a number of shortcomings and drawbacks to its users. If you are thrilled by how much money that you can earn from using PPC strategy, you should read first about its disadvantages before you actually use this strategy so that you can effectively reap its advantages while avoiding its disadvantages. The following are the pros and cons of using PPC strategy to boost your visibility and popularity on the internet as well as your financial gain.

The Pro: As explained very early in this article, PPC gives instant result to reach the first Google’s search result page, you can use either a long and windy road or a much shorter route. Most website owners choose the former because it is free. This long and windy road is called SEO and it is saturated with stringent competition. This is the reason why there are such term as Black Hat and White Hat in SEO with Black Hat as the faster yet riskier version of SEO. If you decide to stick with the honest White Hat SEO, you have to get through a truly long and difficult road, but if you successfully beat it, you will be a real champion. What makes SEO very difficult to beat is the infamous Google updates. Its algorithm is never the same and it always changes. In a nutshell, in order to be a real champion, you must have a truly excellent website that can beat the other millions of websites that become your competitors.

With PPC, reaching Google’s first search result page can be an instantaneous job. If you can successfully bid on strategic keywords, those keywords and the big traffic that they carry will remain yours.

The Con: Ever heard such term as “easy come, easy go?” This also applies to PPC

PPC can indeed give you instant success that other people can reach only after months or even years of struggles. However, the instant success that you achieve can also be instantly lost if you don’t have enough money to keep your prospective keywords yours. This is where White Hat SEO beats PPC. With White Hat SEO, you will get a truly established foothold in online marketing business. You are certainly aware why Wikipedia can stay on the top when you never see its ads everywhere on the internet, aren’t you? With PPC, you can remain on the top only if you keep paying for the keywords that you successfully bid on.

The Pro: When you successfully reach the top by harnessing the power of PPC, money will continuously flow into your bank account because all advertised products that you exhibit on your website will attract more prospective customers.

The Con: There is indeed big money involved in PPC; however, this big money is not necessarily about the profit that you can earn, but also the amount of money that you have to spend to bid on strategic keywords. Strategic keywords are coveted by thousands of advertisers. You have to beat them by offering the highest bid to make those keywords yours.

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