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The Reason Why Business Needs A Biometric Time Clock


There are many ways that a business can lose money. When you are a small business owner, you must be aware of every detail in order to prevent your hard-earned profits from going down the drain. One of the biggest problems that many businesses encounter involves their time clock. Punch card time clocks have been around for a very long time. Unfortunately, many dishonest people have abused these time clocks in an attempt to steal money from their employer. The good news is that modern technology has created time clocks that are impossible to abuse. Here are a few reasons why every business needs a biometric time clock.

business needs a biometric time clock

1. Employees can’t abuse biometric time clocks

If you have an old punch card time clock at your business, you are opening yourself up to some serious problems. Buddy punching is a term that is used to describe when one employee punches the time card of a different employee who is not present. This is often stated as one of the biggest causes of lost revenue for companies. Small companies often can’t afford to sustain losses from repeated buddy punching. This causes many small businesses to close. Biometric timeclocks are a different matter entirely. With one of these modern devices, an employee will punch in using his or her thumb print. This is makes it completely impossible for buddy punching to continue once a business decides to have a biometric time clock installed. Allied Time has a nice selection to choose from. Visit to see what they have in stock.

2. Business owners can always see who is on the clock

Along with employees punching in using biometric information, these modern time clocks give business owners the ability to constantly monitor their workforce in real time from any location on the planet. If the business owner or manager is away on vacation, he or she can go online and log into their account with the time clock company. They will instantly be provided with real time information regarding who is on the clock, how long they have been there and who is scheduled to come in later. Using this info, the business owner can make any needed adjustments to the schedule.

3. Mobile updates

If you want to avoid paying your employees overtime, you can tell your time clock company to send you text or email alerts when an employee is nearing 40 hours on the clock.

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