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The Top Search Engines of the Year


Like using a flashlight in the dark to uncover the daily items we need from the basement, the search engine functions the same way. The internet is a mighty sphere with practically everything from anywhere at any time, stored within it. Without the presence of a search engine it is close to impossible to look for the piece of information that you need. The search engines over time have developed and today you have the option of choosing from various search engines to install into your computing system. The following are some of the best-ranked of the year. Note that every search engine has its own feature. See which of the many top search engines suits your best interest and is most compatible to your needs.

The Top Search Engines of the Year


Ranking highest based on the amount of users on a worldwide scale, the Google search engine was only developed in the year 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At the start of its establishment, Google was not named Google. It was established under the company name of Back Rub and further developed into its new name and character of Google as the years went by. In America alone, the Google is used by at least 65% of the population, hence becoming a world-winning repetitive search engine selection starting from 2010.


Baidu is a big search engine sites from china and have global market share about 18.26%. Unfortunately the site is only available in Chinese language.


Falling in second place is Yahoo! During its establishment, the entity was in fact not dedicated to become a search engine. Yahoo developed its search engine feature later on in the year 2002. First established in the year 1994, four years before Google, by David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo had already developed its own directory system.


Welcomed into the world by Microsoft, Bing is a product specifically designed to search through sites. Not long after, the establishment Bing later on became the provider of web results for Yahoo. In the years to come, this lead on to powering other engines like Good Search, All the Web, Lycos,, and Alta Vista.


Slightly different to the several search engines above, Ask has a more personalized feature. It was designed to provide answers for questions. As simple as this, an answer will be provided if you submit one, despite it not being English. Founded in 1996, the company later on outsourced to Google and Bing in the year 2010. Now you can still post questions and receive an answer. However, the search engine function no longer exists.

Duck Duck Go

DDG is one of the youngest web crawlers in the field of search engines. If the Ask engine has the distinctive feature of providing answers for every question that comes in, the Duck Duck Go offers optimal privacy, seeing that this is an extremely important feature for the ever-expanding internet. The sources of information they gather is extracted from directories like Entire Web, Blekko and Bing.


Another young player in the industry of search engine is the Yandex, established in the year of 2010. The site is a Beta Launch and carries the user friendly feature of being accessible in various languages. This way, users of non-English speaking countries are able to receive any information that they are looking for. Some of the languages embedded in the system are French, Italian and German. Many more European languages are embedded in the option as well. Before being established as, it was predominantly a Russian site, namely the established in the year 1997.


Last but not least is Blekko or is also known to some as the tag searcher. As its name suggests, you can look up anything you wish by using the tags that most if not all materials are embedded with. This was a breakthrough for custom searching during the 2010 as it was able to detail your searches based on the answers you are looking for, making your results most relevant to your needs.

Despite several search engines still being the King of the Throne, it is forecasted that the development of the search engine industry will not be hampered by this. With every distinctive feature making each an engine distinctive, you will soon be looking into more than one search engine for your daily needs.

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