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Tip n Tricks PCMAV Antivirus: Combine ClamAV Antivirus with PCMedia


PCMedia anda ClamAV engine can be combined into single one. Clam Antivirus is opensource antivurs program with GPL v2 licence. By combining the both antivirus, will make both antivirus become unique antivirus and can detect more virus/malware.

In this article I combining PCMedia 2.0b with ClamAV 0.94.2. Follow these steps to combine the antivirus:

  1. Download and extrac  PCMedia 2.0b then create new folder named “plugins” in the exracted folder. Open plugins folder then create folder named “clamav”.
  2. Now install Clam Antivirus Library.  Download ClamAV library from following link: (download clamav ver 0.94 or latest stable version).
  3. Extract the file then copy file named “libclamav.dll”,”libclamunrar.dll” and “libclamunrar_iface.dll” to clamav folder
  4. Install database ClamAV.  Download clamav database  from Download file named “daily.cvd” and “main.cvd” then copy to clamav folder.
  5. Now in clamav folder can be found 5 file are:  “libclamav.dll”,  “libclamunrar.dll”, “libclamunrar_iface.dll”, “main.cvd” and “daily.cvd”
  6. Now run  PCMAV-CLN.EXE. if you success integrating ClamAV into PCMedia you will see PCMAV loading ClamAV database.

Or you want to download the combined antivirus, click this link: 2.0b +

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